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10 most common uses of the pneumatic nailer

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A pneumatic nailer is a tool of great use and versatility, which thanks to its power and the different models that exist, are used in a wide range of jobs or tasks. Since their means of propulsion is pneumatic, they are always associated with a compressor or the like.

In this article we present the 10 most common uses of a staple gun.

  1. Pneumatic Nailers for Construction

The pneumatic nailers are one of the tools of greater use in construction work due to the ease they provide when assembling or connecting parts, and very particularly in the most modern construction techniques. Whether in prefabricated structures, in drywall construction or in standard structures, these tools they are very useful.

The tasks performed by the nailers in a construction are diverse. On the one hand, the pneumatic nailers Due to their great power, ease of use and agility of application, they are used in areas where the nails must support a great load, such as when framing a house or building. In Latin American countries in particular, this type of work is not very popular yet, however, the level of growth in the last 5 years is remarkable.

On the other hand, pneumatic nailers Called angle framers, they also play a critical role in the assembly of manufactured homes. These nailers are mostly 8 to 10 gauge, and can drive nails from 2.5 to 3.5 inches long.

Floor nailers are also very useful in construction work. Are tools They have a different physiognomy, since they are located directly on the ground and shoot the nails precisely at the exact angle to install hardwood floors. There are nailers for wooden strips, and staplers for floors, you can also count on the same tool which incorporates both functions.

If we talk about extreme applications, the pneumatic nailers with more powerful nails are those used to work on concrete. This task is extremely difficult and requires extensive technical knowledge. Remember, it is very important not to proceed without having the proper knowledge, in addition, of course, to comply with all safety regulations.

  1. Pneumatic Nailers for Carpentry

The pneumatic nailers They are part of the collection of work tools for professional carpenters. Woodworkers make use of this tool for the assembly of furniture, structures, boxes or drawers.

Serial assembly jobs are one of the most in-demand areas of nailer use. This is mainly due to the speed with which this tool can nail wood and other materials.

One of the models pneumatic nailer most used in carpentry work is the roll framer. Is tool uses rolled nails from 7/8 to 1 3/4 inches long, and are ideal for assembling wood framing, decking, and more.

  1. Pneumatic Roofing Nailers

To perform the roofing task, there are specially designed nailers, whose nails have a specific appearance. These types of nailers are usually light and easy to handle, considering that they are used at heights.

Another special aspect of this type of pneumatic nailers, is that they usually have coil magazines, since the coil magazine can hold more nails. This nailer can handle nails between 0.75 inches and 1.75 inches long.

  1. Pneumatic Nailers for DIY Hobbie

There are innumerable DIY jobs that can be carried out with the help of a staple gun. From the installation of built-in furniture in the wall, upholstery, remodeling, to the creation of a park for the children.

The ease of joining pieces of different types of materials is one of the great advantages that the use of a staple gun. Of course, for this type of task, there are nailers with a lightweight design. Always remember to use personal protection elements and follow the manufacturer’s instructions at the time of use.

Pneumatic nailer – Nails

  1. Pneumatic Nailers for Decoration

When you want to make changes in the appearance of any space, whether in the home, office or business, the pneumatic nailers They are helpful.

The different decoration tasks such as the installation of paintings, ornaments, curtains, lamps, blinds, window or door frames, and much more, can be done with the use of a nailer effectively and quickly.

For decoration work, use is made of the pneumatic nailers for small brad nails. These working instruments are designed to work only with small nails, whose small head is shaped like the letter “T”, which allows them to be countersunk and hidden from view. The nails usually have a diameter of 18 and 1mm, and a length of between 0.625 inches and 2 inches.

  1. Pneumatic Upholstery Nailers

Upholstery was one of the first trades to make use of pneumatic nailers. And this is primarily due to the ease of joining the piece of fabric, leather, leather or synthetic fabric to the object to be upholstered.

For upholstery jobs, professionals in the area generally use the tool pneumatic that works as a nailer and stapler. This allows them greater versatility when it comes to carrying out the work.

Staple gun

Staple gun

  1. Pneumatic Finish Nailers

To carry out finishing work, there are also pneumatic nailers specifically manufactured for this purpose. These types of nailers may or may not countersink your nails, and they can work with nails of different heads.

Are tools of finishes provide versatility and variety, to allow obtaining the desired finish. For example, the 16-gauge finish nailer uses thicker nails, making it a good choice for assembling melamine cabinets, doors, and furniture. Nails from 5/8 to 2.5 inches can be used for these tasks.

14-gauge T-head nails are also used to countersink.

  1. General assembly tasks

In any work area, assembly tasks are common, as is the use of a staple gun to perform these tasks.

The practicality provided by the nailer in the assembly of parts, allows to invest the least possible time and effort in this task, and continue with the execution of other activities.

The assembly works that are carried out in the different types of workshops or factories are generally carried out with nailers in order to focus more time and effort on the main or core processes.

  1. Pneumatic Nailers for Crafts

Crafting is an area that can demand a variety of professional assembly jobs, where a pneumatic nailer becomes the tool principal.

For the creation of musical instruments, for model railways, toys, ornaments, artistic works, among others, the staple gun is the ideal option.

The pneumatic nailers used for craft work, they are designed to fix small moldings or pieces. They are used precisely because they do not leave traces of the presence of nails. They work with thin nails that do not split the wood, whose caliber can be 22 or 23, which translates into a diameter of 0.8mm; and up to 1.5 inches long.

  1. Repairs or remodels

The repair or remodeling of objects or structures in general, is another of the jobs that are carried out in a practical way with the use of a staple gun.

Whether at home, in the office or outdoors, repairs or renovations that involve joining or nailing materials are done quickly with a nailer. Likewise, the repair of objects such as tables, chairs, and furniture in general, are also carried out efficiently with a staple gun.

So far the list of the main applications, now continue learning more about pneumatic tools in this link

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