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10 practical and effective applications for double-sided tape

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Choose the biface tape, duplex, double sidedor double skinned for a specific application is not as easy as it seems.

A textured surface will require more adhesive strength than, say, carpet padding.

Whether you’re bonding glass, wood, steel, concrete, foam, or plastic, it’s important to know and understand the materials you’re bonding, let alone the tape you’re using to bond them.

Let’s talk about double-sided tape

Outside of materials, it’s also important to understand field conditions. A product that was used in the spring or summer may not work in a sub-zero winter.

Ice, rain, humidity, heat, UV rays, and dirt are all factors to consider when choosing the right tape, and more importantly, avoiding product failure.

This caveat being said, more and more tape is being used in constructionespecially since adhesive technology has come a long way.

There are different types of tapes depending on their adhesiveness and application.

Tape is quickly becoming a way to get the job done right. We present some of the effective applications in which the double sided tape plays an important and useful role.

Practical applications of double-sided tape

1. Overlap Vapor Barrier Seams

More and more builders are placing vapor barriers in tight spaces to bond the building shell, as even in the basement there are air leaks. You can also use a high performance double-sided vapor barrier tape to attach the barrier to the walls instead of using screws.

2. Overlay any flooring including sound attenuating barriers

With buildings becoming more airtight, sound is becoming a big problem. use duct tape duplex for any flooring, including sound attenuating materials.

3. Permanently attach insulation to walls

Use double-sided electrical tape to secure the insulation to the building. Make sure it sticks and that you use the correct type of tape.

4. Temporarily mount something before permanently attaching it

the temporary tape duplex it’s the perfect solution for holding something in place while you permanently mount it. Examples include: light switch junction boxes, electrical panels, electronic thermostats, base boards, and more.

5. Floor protection

It is often necessary cover floors or hallways with mats or floor boards to protect the surface while construction is underway.

The double sided tape It has an aggressive adhesive system that is perfect for holding this type of protection, leaving no residue once removed.

Double-sided tape – floor protection

6. Convention or exhibition events

Every exhibit hall that sets up temporary items uses a carpet tape duplex special, which is removable after the event and leaves no residue.

The double-sided tape secures and holds rugs in place for important events or fairs, so a fabric tape duplex is ideal for this task.

These tapes typically have a medium adhesion that allows residue-free removal.

7. Use double-sided tape for your arts and crafts

You can enhance your arts and crafts through gift wrapping, scrapbooking, and crafts with paper.

Keeping photos on the wall will depend on the weight of the picture, art or frame, but you can easily use double coated tapes to keep your favorite pictures on the wall or even on your office desk.

Double-sided tape - Crafts

Double-sided tape – Crafts

8. Steps

Similar to carpet application, you can apply duplex to stair treads to reduce the risk of slipping and protect your stairs from wear and tear.

9. Use double-sided tape to enhance your fashion

the tape of duplex It’s great for getting the perfect look. Many women and men use this tape to make their fashion garments look perfect on their bodies.

For example, by taping the belt strap so that it fits perfectly. Or by fastening collars with double-sided tape in a windy environment for an open-shirt look in a photo or video production.

Additionally, the tape can be securely applied to the skin, allowing you to adjust a shirt, dress, or fashion accessory.

10. Replacing your smartphone screen

You can use double sided tape to replace your smartphone screen. If you break or damage the screen, use a tape duplex It is an easy solution to apply.

Unlike use of other adhesive tapesyou can easily remove this tape with a heat gun if you damage the device again.

Double-sided tape - cell phone repair

Double-sided tape – cell phone repair

Here are some of the ways you can use double-sided tape.

Before finishing, did you know that in automobile manufacturing the double sided tape has been replacing rivets and fasteners for years, and which is used to join everything from dashboards to specialty car applications?

Double-sided tape or duplex may not be as versatile as Scotch tapebut it has a number of professional uses that go far beyond decoration and assembly.

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