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10 things you need to know about laser levels

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The laser levels came to simplify our lives; What previously took us several minutes to prepare can now be achieved by simply pressing a button, approaching the wall and drawing the necessary points or lines with the pencil.

But beyond the undoubted usefulness of these devices, there are some characteristics that few people know about. We invite you to know them in this technological decalogue that DeMáquinas brings you closer to.

1. Red and green line laser levels

Colors – Laser Level

No, the difference in color is not simply aesthetic or a matter of taste. They are offered in these two colors because the human eye perceives green tones better in low light conditions, while red is more noticeable in sunlight situations (for this reason, for example, red is used in traffic lights, as it is more visible than other colors to indicate dangerous situations).

In this way, the laser levels with green lines are perfect for all indoor jobs, while those with red lines are preferred for use outdoors, where the use of reflective plates – or laser detectors – is still necessary. .

2. There are different laser levels for each job

Jobs - Laser Level

Jobs – Laser Level

In addition to the differentiation between colors (which we saw in the previous section) it is also important to know the type of work that we will do before choosing a laser level.

There are different models, each with its pros and cons: dotted, crossed lines, rotating, for large works.

Point levels are extremely simple and portable, allowing you to project a specific point to the floor, ceiling or walls. Those of lines —generally also of crossed lines— allow leveling and squaring with two perpendicular enveloping lines. The rotaries allow you to draw a line at 360 °, so that it is visible on all walls. Finally, those of great works, as their name suggests, are laser levels They have a greater range than other models, so it is possible to work in large places without the need to transport more than one piece of equipment.

3. Superior precision

Accuracy - Laser Level

Accuracy – Laser Level

The laser levels They have a precision superior to the traditional bubble or rope. The maximum error is approximately 3 millimeters for every 10 linear meters; little more than a minute of arc, a precision impossible to achieve with a conventional level.

4. Self-leveling

Self leveling

Self leveling

The laser levels they are self-leveling, as long as the horizontal surface on which they are supported is regular and does not exceed 4 ° of unevenness, something that most rooms and halls fulfill perfectly.

When the level is turned on, it begins to sense the horizontal (by means of an internal inclinometer) and self-regulates the servomotors that allow it to adjust the head that draws the lines. Thus, a perfect horizontality is always ensured.

5. Projection of inclined lines

Slanted Lines - Laser Level

Slanted Lines – Laser Level

The laser levels They not only allow you to draw lines horizontally and vertically; It is also possible to project lines at any angle and, if the laser level is cross-line, square on that inclination. It is enough to lock the internal inclinometer – a pendulum – so that the unevenness alarm is not activated.

6. It is also possible to level surfaces

Leveling surfaces

Leveling surfaces

Of course: surface leveling – which was traditionally a nightmare – today is an easier task thanks to lasers.

These special models of laser levels they project a beam at the level of the floor or the surface to be leveled, thus making it obvious which points are sticking out.

They are especially useful when laying tiles in a room, or when working with the material folder. Also to control the decline in rooms that must have sinks (patios, balconies, etc.).

7. Can be mounted on a construction tripod

Tripod - Laser Level

Tripod – Laser Level

To get the most out of the laser levels, almost all of them have (in addition to a magnetic support or clips) a 5/8 ″ threaded hole that allows them to be secured to a construction tripod.

The use of the tripod allows to overcome the problems of leveling on uneven floors, to ensure better support in unstable conditions, to tilt the instrument to project oblique lines when there is no adequate clamping element, and to minimize the risk of accidents or tripping in the site of construction.

8. Considerable autonomy

Autonomy - Laser Level

Autonomy – Laser Level

Most of the laser levels, especially those of points and combined, have a great autonomy, of the order of more than 10 hours of operation.

This is more than enough for eight hour work days. At the construction site, all you have to do is turn on the instrument, work and, once the working day is over, leave it recharging its batteries for the next day.

9. Possibility of aligning and centering several elements

Element Alignment - Laser Level

Element Alignment – Laser Level

Laser levels not only allow for squaring and leveling; Also, due to the nature of the lines, it is possible to align and center various decorative elements such as paintings, corbels, shelves and other furniture.

To align them, it will be enough to place all the elements following the projected line.

To center them, a line or point is drawn with a pencil in the geometric center of each element, and then each one of them is placed making that mark coincide with the laser line. To square them, all you have to do is turn the laser level, something that can be achieved with the use of the telephone (see the next point).

10. Remote control

Remote control - Laser Level

Remote control – Laser Level

With some models it is possible to control the motors and the power of the lines using a smartphone or a tablet. It is only necessary to link the measurement tool with the phone or tablet via Bluetooth – and of course, download the corresponding app – to have access to all the controls of the instrument remotely.

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