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3 recommended tools for garden maintenance

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Maintaining a garden properly pruned, cared for and with the desired presentation, is a task that requires dedication in combination with the use of tools adequate.

In the market you can find an infinity of gardening tools, but in this note we will present a set of three work instruments, which have been specially designed for the care and maintenance of your garden and green areas. These cordless tools have a variety of looks and features to make your job easier and create a professionally designed garden.

Cordless Chainsaw GE-LC 18 Li

The GE-LC 18 Li cordless chainsaw features state-of-the-art performance thanks to the OREGON guide bar and chain.

The tool It includes a non-return protection system and an instantaneous reaction chain, to protect the user while working. Likewise, it has a retention bolt that is held on the chain in case it jumps off the rail. On the other hand, the chainsaw has a strong metal claw that keeps the saw stable for greater safety.

This work instrument includes an ergonomic handle which provides a firm grip and reduces worker fatigue. To adjust the tension or replace the chain, no tools. Additionally, the chain is automatically lubricated and the oil reservoir opening is sized to eliminate the need for a funnel.

3 tools for the garden – Chainsaw


• It has the Power X-Change battery system.
• It has a battery charge level indicator with 3 LEDs.
• Its ergonomic handle allows a better grip.
• Includes kickback protection with instant mechanical chain brake.
• The charging time for your battery is 1 hour.
• Maximum cutting length: 230mm.
• Chain cutting speed: 4.3m / s.
• Weight of the tool: 2.97kg.

3 tools for the garden - Chainsaw ergonomic handle

3 tools for the garden – Chainsaw ergonomic handle

Video – using the GE-LC 18 Li Cordless chainsaw

This video describes in a practical and simple way, the correct way to use the cordless chainsaw.


Cordless Saber GE-GS 18 Li

This cordless saber saw acts as a pruner, ideal for cutting bushes, thick trees, or thick brush.

The cordless pruner features a 150-millimeter saw blade, with which you can effortlessly cut branches up to a diameter of 90 millimeters.

To change the saw blade of the mower, it is not necessary to use tools. It also has a detachable handle to allow the cutting of branches easily in any situation, this allows to execute a job without fatigue and with a perfect grip.

3 tools for the garden - Sable saw

3 tools for the garden – Sable saw


• It belongs to the Einhell Power X-Change family of tools.
• Its handle has a soft Softgrip design to allow an ideal grip and comfortable work.
• The saw blade is of KWB quality “Made in Switzerland”.
• The cordless saber saw weighs 1.14kg.

3 tools for the garden - Sable blade change saw

3 tools for the garden – Sable blade change saw

Video – using the GE-GS 18 Li Cordless Saber

This audiovisual shows the power of the saber saw, and the ease with which it can be used in the garden.

Cordless height hedge trimmer GE-HC 18 Li

This hedge trimmer is a high-performance equipment to cut high branches, without any effort and with the freedom of not needing to be connected to the electrical network.

The tool Features a metal gear for extended life. It also features a high-quality OREGON bar and chain that allows for clean cuts.

3 tools for the garden - fence cutter

3 tools for the garden – fence cutter

To reach high branches, the hedge trimmer includes a telescopic handle with stepless locking that varies in length from 880mm. at 1840mm. Its additional handle is adjustable and adapts to all users thanks to its practical closure. Its extra 90 ° rotating piece allows horizontal cuts at heights without any inconvenience.

3 garden tools - 90 ° turn piece hedge trimmer

3 garden tools – 90 ° turn piece hedge trimmer

Additionally, the hedge trimmer motor head can be tilted in 7 different positions and the handle in 4 positions, making it easy to make clean and precise cuts in height.

3 Garden Tools - Motor Tilt Hedge Trimmer

3 Garden Tools – Motor Tilt Hedge Trimmer

The tool It has a claw stop that prevents slipping when sawing. It has an automatic chain lubrication system, by means of an oil container that supplies the chain. On the other hand, a chain catcher bolt reliably prevents accidental slipping of the chain from the bar.


• Includes an additional piece that rotates 90º for effortless horizontal cuts.
• It has a 7-position tilting motor button.
• Its main handle tilts in 4 different positions.
• It has an additional adjustable handle with quick release.
• Allows the tensioning and changing of the chain without the use of tools.
• Realize the long life metal gear.
• Includes a support strap.

Video – using the GE-HC 18 Li cordless height fence cutter

To get a better idea of ​​the versatility of the tall hedge trimmer, we present you a practical and instructive video.

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