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5 situations where the battery inflator can save you

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A automatic inflator is one of the tools which can become key, in the face of various unforeseen events or common situations. And if it is a inflator a battery, the advantages are increased.

Technical characteristics of a battery-powered inflator

A inflator that works on battery offers additional advantages than a inflator traditional or wired, can not offer. First, the freedom and convenience of working with a cordless tool allows you to move around and use the automatic inflator anywhere. Second, you have the ease of portability of the instrument so you can take it with you without much effort.

Batteries of this type tool, are created to provide optimal performance, so they have a voltage of 18V or more.

Battery powered inflator

The most modern models of battery-powered automatic inflatorsThey have a pressure of 0-150PSI, enough to be used in various applications.

They also include a hose of sufficient length, generally 50cm, which makes it easy to use. Due to the nature of the tool, various models have an ergonomic design that provides a rubber covered grip for comfort and a better grip.

Likewise, they include a 50.8mm pressure gauge for a comfortable and quick reading.

Battery Inflator Applications

Thanks to its characteristics, and mainly because it works with battery, a automatic inflator can save the day in various situations.

1. Beach or pool day

When going out with the family or a group of friends, whether to the beach or a day at the pool, a automatic inflator it may be the best solution when inflating floats for children, or floats for adults.

For these types of situations, inflators They have a conical adapter that can be used on small pressure valves.

2. For the fun of children

When going for a walk with the children, the inflator It is a power tool that should be kept close by. This is ideal for inflating children’s toys of all sizes. If the trip includes camping, mattresses or sleeping mats can also be inflated.

Generally, this work must be carried out directly by the user, who must blow air into the toys or mats to inflate them.

On the other hand, as a support in the decoration of children’s parties, the battery-powered automatic inflator is the tool ideal. You can inflate different elements commonly used for the enjoyment of children, and you can also inflate the balloons that will decorate the environment for the fun of the little ones.

3. Ball games

Whether it is a game of soccer, basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that involves a ball, this can be carried out without any inconvenience if you have a battery-powered inflator.

Battery-powered inflator - Balloon inflation

Battery-powered inflator – Balloon inflation

This type of toolsThey have a sports needle that can be used to inflate all types of sports ball, as well as any other item that needs a sports needle to be inflated.

You can practice your favorite sport without any problem.

4. Bike ride

During an enjoyable or sporty bike ride, it may happen that one of the tires goes flat. In order to continue your walk as planned, you can make use of the battery-powered automatic inflator and in a few minutes you will have your tire working.

Being a device that works based on battery, you can take it with you to solve this type of situation.

5. In the vehicle

It often happens that due to a flat tire on the vehicle, we stay in the middle of the road at the expense of someone providing us with the necessary service or help. This may be in the past, having a automatic inflator.

Battery Inflator - Tire Inflation

Battery Inflator – Tire Inflation

Thanks to its portability it can be located in the trunk of the car, with the greatest comfort. This will allow you to have the tool when required, where required.

It is common for inflators include among their accessories a valve to work with vehicle rims or tires, so there is no need to worry.

The automatic inflators they are very useful, practical and functional. They represent a tool key, to solve unexpected situations.

Battery Automatic Inflator Video

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