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5 tips for the correct use of a hedge trimmer

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The hedge trimmer They have been designed to carry out the maintenance of green spaces and parks. Are the tools Ideal for working medium height fences and making demanding fence cuts.

The powerful ones hedge trimmer that work with gasoline provide great freedom of movement during the execution of the work, as do the electric socket cutters wireless. Because they are cordless, these are the first choice if freedom of movement is what you are looking for. The difference is that electric hedge trimmers have a silent motor and are the best alternative to work in green areas near inhabited areas or gardens.

Although the models of hedge trimmer The explosion offers a little more power, the electric model is quieter, lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Cordless fence cutter

Tips for the correct use of a hedge trimmer

In order for you to do an effective job and obtain the results you want, we indicate the main tips for using a hedge trimmer.

1. Proper position when using the hedge trimmer

To use the hedge trimmer properly and safely, you should be at a certain distance from the fence and take a comfortable position that also serves as a safe base while using the tool.

If you are using a hedge trimmer corded electric, make sure the cord is behind you and out of your way.

2. Get straight cuts

If you want to make straight cuts, you can make use of the technique implemented by gardeners. They use strings to ensure the precision of the cut. Use two firm poles and place them on each side of the fence, tie a rope or thread in such a way that it is taut between the poles. This will give you a guide to a more exact cut.

Correct use of the hedge trimmer

Correct use of the hedge trimmer

3. Vertical and horizontal cuts

To make the lateral vertical cut you must make movements in the shape of an arc and use the blades on both sides of the tool.

To get the horizontal cut, start by cutting with the blade at a 0-10 degree angle, and move it horizontally. Move to the edge of the sickle-shaped hedge, and make several passes to cut wide hedges.

4. When to prune the fence?

The ideal time to prune your fence depends on whether you have a patterned fence or not. You should also validate that there are no nesting birds before pruning.

Patterned or formative pruning should be done shortly after you’ve planted your fence, and it will determine the shape you want to give it. This type of fence needs to be trimmed more often to maintain its shape.

The deciduous hedges should be pruned in winter after planting, and the evergreen ones during spring. These two fence types they must be pruned during the first two years to determine their shape.

Maintenance for the vast majority of fences must be done during the summer. If the fence is made of flowers or fruits, it is best to wait until these have grown to prune.

Correct use of the hedge trimmer

Correct use of the hedge trimmer

5. Security

Before starting to carry out the cutting or pruning work, you must validate that you have a safe work environment. Never do pruning work if it is raining, much less if you hedge trimmer it is electric.

Make sure the work area is clear of children, toys, and pets. You should also remove any type of debris, dry branches or other elements that may interfere with the tool.

Wear suitable clothing and footwear. Your clothing should allow you to move freely, and it should be robust and tight-fitting. It should provide protection to some degree and should not be prone to entanglement in branches or grass. tool. On the other hand, the shoes should be non-slip and preferably resistant. It is also recommended that you wear safety glasses and gloves.

Finally, you must verify that you hedge trimmer It is in excellent condition before starting the pruning work.

By following these tips you can prune the fence without any inconvenience, and enjoy a green area in excellent condition. These recommendations will also allow you to extend the useful life of your hedge trimmer.

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