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Air Compressor – Application, Practical Uses and Recommendations

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In previous articles we have discussed what compressors consist of, how they work, how to select the right one and how to maintain it. In this publication we will discuss the applications and various uses that can be given to these useful machines.

The basic operation of the compressors It consists of taking in air, compressing it and releasing it at a high speed. This allows a compressor to perform various activities or tasks, both at home and in various facilities.

Possible applications of the air compressor

The compressors can be used to inflate tires of vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or any other inflatable article. In the garden or other areas of the home, they can be used for cleaning. They are also very useful and practical when maintaining and cleaning other tools.

Another of the jobs for which the air compressors, is to apply paint and varnish on pieces or walls. On the other hand, compressors are highly used to drive pneumatic tools.

Below we will describe some of the applications and uses of air compressors.

Painting with an air compressor

To apply paint with the use of a compressor It should be noted that oil-based finishes are much easier to use. However, acrylic and latex finishes can also be used. For thicker or more viscous paints, it is recommended to add an appropriate thinner, so that they flow effectively and can be applied correctly.

Before starting to apply the paint you must prepare the surface to be painted and you must protect yourself, using a mask, safety glasses and gloves.

To start you must turn on the compressor and let the pressure rise, after this we proceed to test the torch. The pressure of the compressor must be regulated, to avoid fluctuations in the flow of the paint. It is recommended to set the compressor regulator between 12 and 25 pounds per square inch (LPP), the setting will depend on the torch to be used. The hose coupling should also be checked for a tight fit on the torch.

After preparing the paint, it is placed in the torch container, covering 2/3 of it. It must be ensured that the paint does not contain lumps or any other external element that could obstruct the siphon tube or the metering valve.

It is recommended to carry out a paint test on an object, to verify the corresponding adjustments of the air flow and of the paint itself.

To apply paint to the wall or workpiece, hold the sprayer about 5 to 10 inches from the surface, and move from side to side in wide strokes. Each pass of paint must be superimposed on the previous one, to avoid marking small dots.
If a second coat of paint is required, the procedure must be repeated after the first coat is completely dry.

At the end of the job, all components of the torch must be carefully cleaned.

Accessories for painting with a compressor

Using pneumatic tools with an air compressor

There are a number of pneumatic tools that require to be connected to a air compressor to function and perform its work. Among these tools we can mention the air pressure stapler, the impact wrench, the rotary sander, the ratchet screwdriver and the straight grinder among others.

This type of tools have a specially designed connection to allow connection to the air compressor. In general, the connection is made with a nipple and a quick coupling.

One of the Neumatic tools The most widely used is the pneumatic chipping hammer, which represents a powerful collaborator in a large number of drilling and demolition jobs, both at home and in the garden.

Another of the most widely used tools is the hammer screwdriver, which is used to loosen or fasten screws in machine shops or in agricultural activities. It is frequently used for changing tires.

Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Cleaning with air compressors

Both for cleaning closed or open areas, the air compressors they are ideal allies.
By applying the air released by the compressor on the area to be cleaned, the elements considered waste are removed, and the area is quickly and practically cleared. We must also take into account the care that must be taken when doing the proper maintenance.

As for the tools that require deep cleaning as part of their maintenance, they can also benefit from the implementation of the air released by a compressor. By applying air under pressure, the residues that may have accumulated in the components of the tool are eliminated, thus allowing the proper functioning of the work instrument.

Production of plastic containers with air compressors

Another of the industries in which the air compressors, is the one corresponding to the production of PET plastic containers.

This type of factory uses compressed air to inject it into a mass of plastic, in such a way that the air pressure gives shape to the container. All this process is carried out by a special machine that uses high and low pressure compressed air.

In this case, industrial compressors are the ones used, due to the demands of the job.

Air compressor system

Also known as compressed air systems, they are currently an alternative that is being adopted by many industries and manufacturing companies. These systems help reduce costs for energy, heating oil, natural gas, and other sources. Additionally, these systems are friendly to the environment and allow reducing carbon emissions.

The operating efficiency of these industries can be increased by taking advantage of the heat from the heating systems. air compressors, which represents an important element of industrial energy consumption.

100% of the electrical energy used by an industrial air compressor is transformed into heat, 96% of this heat can be recovered and the rest is kept in the compressed air or is radiated outside the compressor.

This heat produced by the system’s compressors is reused for various applications such as:

  • Area heating
  • Industrial process heating
  • Water heating for boilers
  • Heating of process fluids
  • Heating food and beverages
  • Water heating for showers and baths
  • Air distribution for heating
  • Heat exchangers

Space heating can be regulated using a controller with thermostat and louvers for ventilation. In case heating is not required, the hot air can be channeled to the outside.

Aircraft assembly

As in many other assembly industries, the aviation area also implements the air compressors in its pneumatic processes.

In the assembly of airplanes, a large part of its processes are pneumatic, so the use of air compressors is essential. These are used to operate the Neumatic tools necessary, such as drills or rivets. Are tools They are used to produce the fuselage, which must have perfect precision and quality.

On the other hand, due to the high demand for work in this type of industry, air compressors They must work constantly for long periods of time, so in these cases industrial compressors are used.

The air compressors provide great facility for the execution of various tasks essential for maintenance, assembly and cleaning in various fields or work areas. Compressors are a great support for a wide range of tasks.

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