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Applications of Digital Inclinometers and Angle Gauges

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When doing construction or remodeling work and precision is required, having the right tools is very important. We have already seen the usefulness of having instruments for measuring distances, this time, we will deal with two of the appropriate tools for this type of work: Digital Inclinometer and the Angle Meter.

Digital Inclinometer

This tool allows you to measure inclinations of horizontal and vertical surfaces accurately and in a practical way.

The digital inclinometer It has a screen, where it shows the value registered by the inclination sensor and the unit of measurement used. The unit of measure to be used can be (°,%, mm / m).

The information displayed on the screen rotates up to 180 °, depending on the position in which the measuring device is held, facilitating the reading of the recorded value.

Digital Inclinometer

Measurement on various surfaces

To do measurements on uneven surfaces, you can use the support foot and the leveling foot of the tool. Both pieces can be adjusted to obtain the ideal position of the device, to carry out the measurement.

Digital Inclinometer - leveling uneven surfaces

Digital Inclinometer – leveling uneven surfaces

For hanging surfaces or pipes, the tool has the fixing straps. These straps also act as a safety device for the instrument itself, avoiding potential falls.

Other options for the placement of the digital inclinometer are the use of the tripod or the magnetic clamp for metal surfaces.

Digital Inclinometer - How to hold?

Digital Inclinometer – How to hold?

Function to keep or save the incline value

Another advantage of this tool is the function of keeping or saving the measurement value obtained. This offers the possibility of transferring said value to another surface or place. Once the value of the measurement made has been obtained, the option to keep or save the value is simply activated by pressing the corresponding button.

Transfer slope value

Sometimes it is required to work with the same incline level in different spaces or surfaces, for these situations the measuring device allows the transfer of the inclination value from one place to another.

Value transfer can be done manually. First you must activate the acoustic signal from the measuring instrument, then proceed to save the value that is required to be transferred and finally the tool is transferred to the new space or surface. You must move the digital inclinometer until you hear the acoustic signal, which indicates that the measuring instrument has already been positioned at the level of the saved degree of inclination.

Transfer Angles with Digital Inclinometer

Transfer Angles with Digital Inclinometer

The transfer of the value can also be effected with the laser function. In case you need to transfer the measurement value to a distant surface or place, you can make use of the laser beam. You just have to place the tool on the surface to be measured and direct the laser to the place where you want to transfer the value. With the help of the laser projection, the measurement is traced on the new surface.

Digital Inclinometer - Transfer Angles with Laser

Digital Inclinometer – Transfer Angles with Laser

Angle meter

We have introduced the angle measurement technique, today we complement with this tool allows calculate angles quickly and accurately. It has two mobile arms, which allows a better fit on the surfaces to measure. It also integrates two displays, front and rear to allow easy reading of the value recorded by the precision angle sensor. The angle sensor is not affected by temperature and does not suffer from wear.

Digital Angle Meter

Digital Angle Meter

Hard-to-reach surfaces

The measuring instrument includes a lateral extension to measure hard-to-reach surfaces. This extension connects to one of the arms, allowing you to take the angle measure wanted.

How to measure angle instead of difficult access?

How to Measure Angle instead of difficult to access?

Function to keep or save the angle value

The angle meter offers the possibility to maintain or save the measured value, simply by pressing the corresponding button. The value is maintained, even when opening or closing the tool arms.
This function allows, if required, transfer the stored angle value to another work piece or location.

Transfer angle value

Once the desired value has been stored, the goniometer about the new piece or place. One of the arms of the angle gauge is placed on the workpiece, then with the other arm of the apparatus it is adjusted until reaching the stored angle and finally trace the angle on the new surface.

Transfer Angles

Transfer Angles

Transfer Angle

Transfer Angles

Ideal for professional work or minor work at home, the digital inclinometer and the angle meter, provide ease and comfort when doing any of the following jobs:

  • Installing shelves or cabinets
  • Installation of window and door frames
  • Decoration of interior and exterior spaces
  • General construction work
  • General carpentry work
  • Installation of pipes, among others.

With these tools, high precision work can be carried out, facilitating the professional’s task.

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