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BAR, WATTS and Liters per Minute: The keys to choosing a good pressure washer

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Cleaning your car, patio or garden is time consuming and some stains are just too hard to remove, no matter how harsh the scrub is and how much detergent is used. To perform these tasks efficiently and practically, you can make use of a pressure washer or pressure washerAs long as you get the right one.

Keys to choose the ideal pressure washer


What does the flow rate of l/min mean or represent?

In the metric system, l/min means ‘liters per minute’. It is usually referred to as a rate of flow of water in machinery with a quick water outlet, like a pressure washer or an accessory tool pressure washing.

What does Bar mean in pressure?

It is a different scale than PSI to measure pressure. There is 14.5 PSI (pounds per inch) in each Bar. Bar is the energy with which the water will hit the surface being cleaned.

100 bar pressure washer

How to recognize the WATTS or engine power level of a good pressure washer?

The engines of pressure washing gasoline and diesel generally are measured in horsepower (HP). Electric motors are usually measured in kilowatts (kW). 1 kW = 1,341 horsepower

If you want to use a multi-nozzle accessory it is more important to choose a higher flow pump rather than a higher pressure one. For multi-nozzle use, please insist on a pump specification with at least 13L/min.

Basically, the higher the pressure and liters per minute, the more powerful the machine what you get Higher flow tends to remove debris, and higher pressure tends to cut through tough dirt. So it all depends on the task at hand.

Pressure Washer - Power 4000W - 5 1/4 HP

Pressure Washer – Power 4000W – 5 1/4 HP and 900 l/min

Look only at the figures for l/min and Bar of different machines makes comparison difficult. For this reason, specialists from the industry have come up with an equation that provides a rough guide as to which is the most powerful machine.

The operation is: l/min x pressure in Bar, between 600. This operation will give a number to compare machines. The higher the number, the more powerful the machine.

But power is not the only thing to consider. You can have two equally powerful machinesbut one is more expensive than the other. Perhaps there is an obvious reason for this, such as one having a gearbox and the other having a direct drive.

Machines with gearboxes between the motor and pump are likely to be more expensive than direct drive tools.

The reason for this is that such a design allows the pump to run at lower speeds, thus increasing the life of the pump’s internals, especially the seals. In case there is little difference in the specification, it is expected that the machine higher priced is made with components of higher quality and durability.


This is completely depending on the type of work you are going to do. If it is to clean the floor, then 130 Bar at 10 l/min is enough.

If it is to clean the driveway then 150-200 Bar at 14-15 l/min would be suitable.

if you have one pool or hot tub, you can benefit from acquiring a pressure washer that uses hot water and has the ability to produce steam. In this way you will eliminate the mold that accumulates and the surfaces will be free of microbes.

170 bar pressure washer

170 bar pressure washer

Pressure wash your grill or rotisserie

Getting rid of all the grease that burns deep into the metal is an absolute nightmare. With a pressure washer this is much easier.

Depending on the type of grill you have, before cleaning it you have to disconnect it from the electricity or the propane tank or the natural gas line, as the case may be.

With a 45 degree nozzle tip and a degreaser you can remove grease and dirt.

pressure washing your car

when you wash your car With a pressure washer, be sure to wash it with water first, so you can get rid of any loose dirt, salt, or mud. You can then apply detergent manually or by using the soap tip. After that use a low pressure nozzle to wash off the detergent. Always remember to wash the underside of your car as well.

Pressure washing of wooden surfaces

Washing the wood can also be done with a pressure washer. Only low pressure nozzles should be used for this, as a high pressure water jet is powerful enough to remove the finish from the wood.

Additionally, water particles can become embedded inside the wood, causing it to bend and rot over time.

This is also the reason why a high pressure jet should never be used in combination with detergent when washing these types of surfaces.

Low pressure washer

Low pressure washer

metal washing

You can make the most of your pressure washer when cleaning metal surfaces, fences, gutters, drains, tires, metal roofs, among other materials, using a high pressure nozzle.

Remember not to get too close to the surface, as the water jet can scratch it.

Use a pressure washer to perform all of these tasks, in addition to cleaning stucco walls, decks, and other elements inside your home, is the best way to obtain effective results by applying a good technique. Just remember to use the correct amount of pressure.

Video: operation of a pressure washer

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