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Battery powered work light vs Electric work light, what’s the difference?

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Given that the work light or work lamp, it is widely used in different applications, there are certain types of light projectors suitable for different purposes.

The work lights They can be divided by their use and their portability. In this article we will know the difference between battery light and electric light, taking into account portability, features and uses.

Battery Powered Work Light vs Electric Work Light

Electric work light Battery powered work light
Offers more constant power It has very durable lithium batteries
It does not work without electrical current Works in places where there is no electrical outlet or power source
Your mobility is reduced They offer greater mobility
The location is limited You can locate and test various points of light

Technical characteristics

Light with electric cable It is the most widely used type among work lights. They are generally known as regular work lamps and the wiring implies that they must be connected to an external electrical power source to function.

Some electric lights come pre-wired and only need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. But generally you will need to wire the reflector yourself.

The portable work light a battery, meanwhile, is the kind of work lamp most used after corded light.

The word “portable” implies that this type of device does not need a connection to an electrical outlet to function. Although portable does not mean there is no cable.

These batteries need to be charged externally, usually with an electrical cord that plugs into the outlet.

For the portable lights there are several types of batteriesfrom small AA and AAA Ni-CD and Ni-MH batteries to large lead and lithium batteries.

Battery powered work light


Lumen (lm) is the measurement system for luminous flux. A brightness greater than 4000 lm fully meets the lighting needs of a small workshop or basement.

For larger and more open spaces, it is recommended that the light be distributed in several points. Selecting two or more reflectors of for example 2400 lm, blurs the brightness more and creates spaces with sharper and more distributed lighting.

Placing the lights in a higher position produces less shadows and excellent bright light is distributed.

Also keep in mind that the led light It is more energy efficient than old halogen lamps, saving more than 80% on your electricity bill.

Uses and benefits

The work lights Corded are used in places where a lot of light is required.

The advantage of work light wired is the far greater amount of lightning it can deliver. However, corded lights do have some disadvantages compared to portable lights.

First of all, the word wired means that once you put the light in place, it will probably stay there for the rest of its usage time. It is quite difficult to regularly reinstall the electric work light in a different place, so in case of needing additional lighting portable lamps are generally used as a complement.

Corded task lights also consume more energy than others.

In short, the electric work light it is good in places where a lot of lighting is required. But it consumes more power, is more difficult to install, and requires a lot more work to reinstall in a different location.

On the other hand, without the limitations of wiring, the use of battery powered work light it is practically unlimited.

Its use is very common in places without a direct source of electricity, where a large amount of lighting is needed. In situations where there is a sudden interruption of electricity, the lamp can provide illumination for a period of time.

Before concluding, it is important to talk about hybrid lights, which are the least known type of work lights. Hybrid means that the lamp can work with electric light or with batteries.

Hybrid lights can be plugged into an outlet, such as the work light wired, but also have built-in battery, so they can work perfectly when there is no source of electrical power available.

In short, work lights Laptops are ideal for all types of use, as they run on their own batteries. The Battery operated lamps have different sizes and wattage levels, depending on the use of light.

The advantage of mobile devices is that they can deliver light in areas where wired lights do not work. However, the light power and working time will be limited by the size of the lighting fixture and the your battery capacity.

Video: battery operated work light

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