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Benefits of distance meters for real estate

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The technology applied to the work instruments gives us the possibility of having tools that, in addition to executing the tasks for which they were designed, greatly facilitate the performance of the same for users.

One of these working instruments is the distance meter, distance meter or laser meter. This electronic device is a measuring tool that can calculate the distance from the same device to the point to which it is directed (always taking into account the range of action, example: 20 meters).

Laser distance meter

Generally speaking, there are two types of meters depending on the measurement method used: sonic meters and laser meters. Sonic makes use of ultrasound to calculate distance, and lasers use a laser beam visible to the human eye and are currently the most widely used.

This tool was created to perform measurements in a fast, effective and controlled way over long distances. In other words, it was created to replace the tape measure or tape measure.

Distance meters for real estate

There are several fields of applications in which a distance meter can be used. This type of tool is very useful in interior design, architecture, construction, plumbing, masonry, DIY, and can be very advantageous and beneficial for real estate professionals.

Real estate workers perform various tasks typical of their work area, in which the use of a distance meter would be of great help. With these tools, the staff of a real estate agency could perform appraisals of departments, lots and estimates for remodeling with speed, precision and with considerable savings in time and labor.

Although when they first came on the market, these types of meters were really expensive, today, you can find options from reliable brands at really affordable prices.

Benefits of distance meters for real estate

We will explain in detail the possible applications of a distance meter in the real estate field and its advantages and benefits.

In home or office appraisals

In order to obtain an appraisal of any physical space available for rent or sale, the calculation of the area covered by said space is essential. Whether it is apartments, houses, offices or commercial premises, having a laser distance meter would make it extremely easy to obtain the area to be assessed.

Laser distance meter - Appraisals

Laser Distance Meter – Appraisals

Just by placing the device in the key points and pressing a button, the real estate agent can obtain the pertinent measurements for the total calculation of the space. Additionally, some EDM models have a data storage function, which would make it possible to have the measurements taken to obtain the final total. Likewise, these devices can be connected to mobile devices such as cell phones or tables to more easily process the measurements obtained.

Also, wouldn’t it look a lot more professional measuring with one of these tools rather than the old tape measure?

In lot appraisals

Everything stated in the appraisal of homes or offices applies equally to the appraisal of lots. However, this activity requires a tool that allows to calculate long distances, and this feature can also be facilitated by a laser distance meter.

Being able to have a device that allows you to measure wide distances saves time, since it will not be necessary to carry out several measurements to obtain the distance between one point and another.

Budgets for remodeling

The preparation of a budget for remodeling is another of the functions or tasks of a real estate agent. To carry out this task, the distance meter is the ideal instrument.

Laser Distance Meter - Remodeling

Laser Distance Meter – Remodeling

By obtaining precise and accurate measurements, you can estimate with a minimum margin of error, the materials that will be needed for the space remodel. You can estimate the amount of paint, plaster, cement, tiles or ceramics, pipes, wiring, sheets of wood, nails, screws, among many other materials.

Counting on exact numbers, the real estate agency will be able to provide a much more realistic and precise budget, which will be beneficial for both the client and the real estate agency itself, since this type of accuracy is highly appreciated by users, who undoubtedly they will trust the real estate company.

A laser distance meter is a tool widely used and very useful.

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