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Benefits of Laser Measurement Tools for the Professional Interior Designer

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In the world of interior design, the correct location and arrangement of elements is essential. Everything must be in its place so that the harmony and fluidity of the space are perfectly achieved. To achieve this, professional interior designers make use of a whole conglomerate of tools and work tools that allow them to create the ideal environment.

As part of these tools We find the range of instruments with laser technology, which have been manufactured with the sole objective of facilitating even more, the work of the users. Among this range of laser equipment we can mention laser levels, laser meters and surface detectors.

Each of these work tools plays an important role during interior design work, so below we will detail their functions and the advantages of using them.

Laser Meter – Home Use

Laser levels for professional women

Laser levels are easy-to-use tools and perhaps that is where you need to pay attention, is that thanks to their simple presentation, they offer several advantages when executing tasks in the area of ​​interior design, since they allow to guarantee that each object or element is located in the proper direction and position.

These are high-precision devices and some models have a self-leveling function. Thanks to which they can always be kept in the correct position, in addition to maintaining vertical and horizontal alignment, as required by the task.

Line laser level

Line laser level

The precision of laser levels is due to their technology, which allows them to project a light (some models project a red light and others project green light) on any surface to work. Some more complex models draw additional lines, which allow the elements that will be part of the design to be perfectly located.

A laser level may have a tilt sensor, with a registration memory to store data that can be useful when measuring angles or rotating jobs.

Are tools They are very useful when carrying out renovations in interior environments, where a wall must be raised, or some furniture must be installed quickly, precisely and in a level way. In these cases it is extremely convenient to use laser levels instead of traditional bubble or hose leveling levels, since the interior designer can save 50% of the working time. Additionally, all that leveling work can be done without any help.

For the professional woman in interior design the different types of laser level that exist can be very useful:

Point laser level– The point laser level projects a series of points or a point, ideal for creating references on the work area, to validate the verticality of a wall and pipes, align a door or window frame, align and install luminaires to 90 ° with outlets, or simply to get two objects at the same height.

Line laser level: This level uses a 180 ° beam of light that helps determine the absolute horizontal or vertical plane. It is widely used indoors to validate levels in the work area.

360 laser level– This type of laser level projects a 360 ° line around a space or room. They are perfect for indoor use, span a great distance, and are used on a tripod.

Advantages of laser levels for interior design

  • They are very easy to use and transport.
  • They are very accurate.
  • They can work on inclined surfaces, thanks to their self-leveling function.
  • They are ideal for use in interior design work.

Laser meters for interior designer women

A laser meter calculates the distance between the device itself and the point it is pointing at with the push of a button, using a visible laser beam. As explained in this article, they are typical substitutes for the tape measure.

Laser distance meter

Laser distance meter

This type of measuring tool is compact, portable and easy to handle. Depending on the model, these can cover distances between 0.15 and 30 meters or 0.05 up to 250 meters. They also include a telescopic sight for easy viewing of the laser beam.

They are also very precise devices so they can indicate measurements of great help in interior design.

These working instruments are ideal for all phases of an interior designer’s work. For example, during the first phase of the work, it is essential to survey the measurements of the environment to be redesigned, since then the designer will capture her creativity in the plans, thanks to the measurements made. In the renovation and installation stage, a meter is very useful to measure in the middle of the work. Finally, this tool is used during the verification of the final measurements for possible fixes or corrections.

Surface detectors for interior design

During interior design work, it is common to repeatedly drill walls, making it necessary to scan the area to avoid touching or damaging electrical wiring, pipes, or metal beams with the use of a chisel, hammer, or drill. In these cases, laser surface detectors are the best ally for the woman maker!

Laser surface detector

Laser surface detector

A laser surface detector or scanner detects key areas under a wall with great precision thanks to its technology. The new models feature 180 ° scan rotation, perform deeper detection, and are lightweight and ergonomic.

They also have an LCD screen for even easier use.

Together these three tools workflows facilitate the execution of a large number of fundamental tasks in the field of interior design. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for professional women, thanks to their laser technology and the set of functions they include.

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