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Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Meter

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exist measuring tools that every professional or DIYer always wants to have. They are those tools that today have replaced the old tape measure and use a laser beam to offer us precise measurements. But not only that: they also have a large, easy-to-read backlit color screen and Bluetooth function to connect to our smartphone.

One might wonder why we would want to connect a measuring tool to our smartphone. Very simple: to be able to transfer measurements easily and without making mistakes. Thanks to free applications offered by the manufacturer together with those measuring tools, we can save the measurements and then take our phone to the hardware store to buy the exact amount of material we need in our next home improvement project, for example.

Sounds futuristic? Well it is not and is within our reach. These are measurement tools with connectivity and in this note we will take care of highlighting the characteristics of one of them: the Bosch GLM 50C model, with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm, a measurement range of up to 50 meters and that works with two AAA batteries capable of supplying enough power for more than 10,000 measurements.

To better understand how to use the GLM 50C laser meter, let’s first examine its main components and functions.

Components and functions GLM 50C

1. Display
2. Measure key
3. More key [+]
4. Reference plane selector
5. On / off key
6. Bluetooth key
7. Function key
8. Minus key [-]

Indication elements:

to. Bluetooth status
b. Reference plane for measurement
c. Battery status indication
d. Measurement value lines
and. Results line
F. Measurement functions
g. Tilt angle indication
h. Status bar
i. Basic settings

Unique features

The Bosch GLM 50C laser meter It has the same main functions of other similar models of the manufacturer that we already detailed in previous articles, that is:

It also has the measurement function Stake-out (additive measurements), by which you repeatedly measure a defined length span. These lengths can be translated to a surface, for example, to make it possible to cut material into equal length pieces or to install studs in drywall construction.

In addition to all these functions, the striking thing, however, of the GLM 50C is that it also offers a Bluetooth interface, which allows the transmission of data through radio communication technology to mobile devices equipped with a Bluetooth interface, such as smartphones, tablets or computers. How can we make this connection? Here are a series of simple steps to achieve this.

Activation of the Bluetooth interface for data transmission to a mobile device (see figure above).

  • To activate the Bluetooth interface, press button 6 on the measuring device.
  • To activate the Bluetooth signal, press key 6 or key 3. We must make sure that the Bluetooth function is activated on our mobile device.

To expand the functionality between the meter / mobile device and simplify data processing, there are special applications (apps) offered by the manufacturer, both for Android and iOS, and that we can download for free to our device from online stores. In the particular case of the meter GLM 50C from Bosch the applications are called “GLM measure & document” Y “GLM Floor Plan”.

After starting any of these applications, the communication between our mobile and the measuring device is established. In the latter we will see the active connection indicator (a) in the status bar (h).

Deactivating the Bluetooth interface

  • To deactivate the Bluetooth connection, press key 6. To deactivate the Bluetooth signal, press key 6 or key 8 again, or turn off the measuring device.

What benefits do these applications provide us?

Let’s study in detail what we can do with each one.

GLM measure & document

This application allows us a simple exchange and intelligent documentation of the measurement values. Not only does it record and save measurements without manual calculation or errors, it overlays the measurements on photos taken with the mobile device at the workplace and allows you to add notes to those photos. Photos can be stored in the app or emailed to share with others.

To use “GLM measure & document” Once we install it on our mobile device, we follow the following steps.

Step 1: Establish the Bluetooth connection

  • For this we proceed as indicated above.

Note: Although all the screenshots that we will see below are in English, it should be noted that both “GLM measure & document” What “GLM Floor Plan” They are available for Android / iOS in a multiplicity of languages, including Spanish. In addition, these applications have a complete help menu to guide us step by step through each of their functions.

Step 2: Create a project

  • Creating a project will allow us to assign a project name and customer data, for better identification of each individual project.
Create GLM 50 C project

Create GLM 50 C project

Step 3: Edit the image by creating a digital sketch

  • After taking the photos of the place with our mobile device, we can easily edit them in “GLM measure & document” to form a digital sketch and place objects, arrows, and angles on that sketch.
Edit GLM 50 C Image

Edit GLM 50 C Image

Step 4: size the digital sketch

  • For this we select in the sketch the object that we are going to size, we measure it in the workplace with the GLM 50C and we transmit the measurement value via Bluetooth.
Sizing digital object GLM 50 C

Sizing digital object GLM 50 C

Step 5: Enter note

  • If we wish, we can enter additional information about the project, either through text or voice recording.
Enter note GLM 50 C

Enter note GLM 50 C

Step 6: List of measurement values

  • With this function we can carry out the transmission, calculation and naming of the measurement value list. For this, we download all the measurements to our mobile device through the Bluetooth function and carry out the corresponding calculations.
List of GLM 50 C measurement values

List of GLM 50 C measurement values

Step 7: Create template

  • In this way we can carry out a personalized presentation of the measurement values. To do this, we enter the personalized data, save and generate a completely personalized PDF document.
Create GLM 50 C template

Create GLM 50 C template

Step 8: Submit project

  • Finally, we can make use of the SMS, email or even Bluetooth function of our mobile device to send the images, list of measurement values, notes or the entire project in PDF format to a client or to a computer.
Send project GLM 50 C

Send project GLM 50 C

GLM Floor Plan

This application allows you to measure digital blueprints of a plan. In addition, we can create our own plans in the application or modify existing plans. Drawings and measured values ​​can be stored in the app or emailed to share with others.

To use “GLM Floor Plan” Once we install the application on our mobile device, we follow the following steps, some of which are directly illustrated by videos for clarity.

Step 1: Establish the Bluetooth connection

  • We connect our mobile device with the GLM 50 C to start making measurements, as indicated above.

Step 2: Create a new project

  • With just one click “GLM Floor Plan” We can create a new project and enter the necessary information, as we see in the following video.

Step 3: Create a plan

  • We can easily draw a new plane using various tools and adapt the desired length and angle measurements.

Step 4: wall view

  • We can also manage the walls in the “Wall View” and place objects such as doors and windows in the position we want.
GLM 50 C wall view

GLM 50 C wall view

Step 5: Notes and Reminders

  • As in the case of “GLM measure & document”, it is possible to add various information to our project, such as notes and reminders with tasks to do, all of which will be displayed as a list.

Step 6: Import drawings

  • Another function gives us the possibility to import existing plans and use them as a model for modifications.
Import GLM 50 C drawings

Import GLM 50 C drawings

Step 7: Export job results

  • Also with “GLM Floor Plan” we can make good use of the connectivity and send the created project in PDF by email or even by Bluetooth to a client or a computer.

Who, Where and When – Uses of the GLM 50C

Using the laser meter GLM 50C in conjunction with the applications that we have just mentioned, it extends to a large number of applications, among which we can mention:

  • Surveying work, control work and problem representation.
  • Calculation of material consumption and associated costs.
  • Taking measurements in hard-to-reach places remotely with the help of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Preparation of offers for clients based on photographic documentation with easy to understand comments.
  • Agreement on intermediate stages with remote colleagues based on a digital sketch.
  • Transmission of material orders directly from the application.

In the following table we present a summary of the usefulness of the GLM 50 C for various professionals and even amateurs to carry out household tasks.

GLM 50 C Bosch applications

GLM 50 C Bosch applications

How to use a GLM 100C?

It is a similar version to the GLM50C in terms of functionality, only with a greater measurement range.

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