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Caliper or Caliper caliper

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What is a Caliper Caliper?

The Caliper Caliper is an instrument used to measure the internal, external and depth linear dimensions of a part. It consists of a graduated ruler, with fixed support, over which a cursor slides.

Parts of a Caliper Caliper

Below is an image with the detail of the parts that make up a Caliper caliper, click to enlarge

Caliper Caliper Parts

How to use a Caliper Caliper?

As in the case of the article published on the use of the micrometer and how micrometers work according to their type, we have the training module provided by Starrett that allows us to understand the operation through intuitive software. It presents the possibility of practicing in the use of the Vernier caliper. Enter virtual training and take advantage of this tool free.

How to care for a Caliper Caliper?

  • Before use, wipe it with a soft cloth or chamois
  • Do not expose directly to light
  • Do not disassemble the caliper caliper
  • Do not use compressed air on the tool
  • After use and prior to storage, clean and apply a layer of oil

It is mainly important to understand that measuring instruments are extremely sensitive in terms of their operation and that is why when making this list of care we want to highlight the importance of the tool do not suffer blows or impacts. This type of instrument needs to be frequently calibrated and used under certain conditions of temperature and pressure.

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