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Connectivity: how to use apps for a laser distance meter

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The connectivity Between measuring instruments and smartphones, tablets and computers is a trend that is finding more and more followers thanks to the fact that it is a resource that greatly facilitates work. The apps for a laser distance meter are no exception, and on the contrary, they are among the most requested.

What can be done with them? Here we will see the most practical uses.

Apps for a distance meter: a necessary complement

While the laser distance meter It is an instrument that greatly simplifies the task of taking measurements. The need to transfer all this data to a spreadsheet, plan or report still remains. when the measures are many, it is a headache.

Well, the apps for a distance meter solve that last Mille allowing us not only to dump the data, but to work with it and generate complete reports. We will immediately see the most useful functions that they provide us, but first let’s do a brief review of how the distance meters on the phone or computers.

distance meter apps

Here we see in three simple steps how to connect a distance meter to the apps: press the Bluetooth button on the meter, that protocol is enabled on the phone, the device is searched and they are linked.

To connect the instrument to a telephone (as long as the distance meter has this capability), the best option – and often the only one – is via Bluetooth. The connection is made in three steps: press the Bluetooth button on the device, search for it on the phone and establish the link. This needs to be done only the first time, as the phone will remember the device from now on.

distance meter apps

The alternative is to connect the instrument via USB, although this option is available only for notebooks, netbooks, and desktop computers.

The alternative is to use the USB connector, although this option restricts us to the use of a desktop computer, a notebook or a netbook, with which we lose the advantage of mobility.

Work with projects

distance meter apps

The apps for a laser distance meter have a list of the generated projects that allows the measurements and the photographs to be organized.

The first thing we need to do is create a new project, or open an existing one, to keep measurements, photos, and other objects organized. It is important that the name of the project is descriptive, to avoid later confusion and loss of time.

Once a project has been created, just click on its name to open the folder that contains all the information stored in it.

Get the measurement list

distance meter apps

The most basic feature, but which at the same time gives us greater efficiency at work, is to be able to download all the measurements made with the laser meter to the phone. To do this, apps for a laser distance meter They have a full or partial download function, which depends on the instrument and the app. It is usually among the main functions, available from a main menu.

Operating the laser with the remote control

distance meter apps

An important function that can be controlled from the app is remote measurement. By simply pressing the screen it is possible to obtain a measurement, as long as it is done directly. For indirect measurements it is necessary to operate the instrument manually.

Assign measurements to a photo

distance meter apps

Once a measurement has been obtained, it can be used to delimit — place a measurement — on a photograph, which can be of the site where we are measuring or an image of the plan of the place.

Measurements can be obtained at the same time (dynamically), assigning an already stored measurement or writing it manually. According to the chosen modality, the measurement can be entered manually by means of a keyboard, choose it from a drop-down list or wait for the device to send a new measurement to incorporate it.

distance meter apps

In advanced apps it is also possible to calculate perimeters, angles and areas. It is only necessary to choose the chord function from a menu, and take the measurements (or choose them from the list). The app will guide us with precise instructions or with intuitive icons on how to achieve each of these composite measurements.

Other useful functions

distance meter apps

In addition to the measurement itself, apps for a laser distance meter They allow you to increase productivity with small functions.

You can create text annotations on photos, so they can be more easily identified later. Some apps also allow you to assign these annotations to dimensions, and even record short audio messages.

One of the characteristics of mobile apps is the ability to drag and drop items on the screen. In this case, the app allows us to order the measurements according to any criteria, simply by clicking on one of them and dragging it. In the same way, one can be superimposed on one another to activate mathematical operations such as addition, calculation of perimeters or areas.

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