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Construction Tripods How to choose it based on the work to be done?

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Due to the great utility and diversity of instruments that professional construction tripods can support, there are several models that are the ideal complement, and necessary, to perform work with precision.

In the market of tools and instruments used for construction, tripods have their own space. These devices used in practically all medium and large-scale jobs in the construction area, have evolved over time and are currently designed with different and special characteristics, to provide the support and stability required for each of the measurement tools and leveling used by the builders in their works.

How to choose the right construction tripod?

When selecting a professional construction tripod or tripod, several aspects must be considered. Among these, the main one is the type of work to be executed. In other words, what instruments, measuring tools or leveling will be used during the construction work, and which of these instruments will require the support of a tripod. It is also of great importance to consider the area in which the work will be carried out, since that will be the scenario where this tool will take action.

We will describe in detail each of the aspects to take into account, to make the appropriate selection of a professional construction tripod.

Instrument to be supported by the construction tripod

It is as we already mentioned, the most relevant factor to consider. Depending on the work to be carried out on the site, the use of a Measuring instrument or specific leveling. Such as a construction theodolite, rotary laser level, line laser level, laser point level, optical level or a laser distance meter. For these reasons it is important to know what kind of measuring instruments or tools a tripod supports.

Considering the instrument to be used, the appropriate tripod can then be selected to correctly support the work tool. exist construction tripods designed specifically for a given measuring or leveling instrument. This type of tripod has a head or plate made with specific dimensions to support and hold a specific instrument.

Likewise, there are tripods with a head or plate adaptable to various work instruments, which would be the ideal option in case it is necessary to provide support to various tools during the execution of the construction work.

Construction Tripod – Adaptable head for various instruments

Land or work area

If the work to be carried out is outdoors, it is necessary to opt for a tripod that can be assured on the job site.

Some tripod models have legs whose ends are pointed, which facilitates their anchoring in sandy or outdoor ground. For the case in which the floor or work area is rigid or indoors, there are models of construction tripods whose legs end in studs or rubbers capable of being perfectly fixed on this type of surface.

The external elements to which the tripod will be exposed must also be considered, in terms of the work area. If the work is carried out in an open area, the wind or temperature changes may be strong, so a sturdy tripod must be chosen.

Construction Tripod - Designed for Optical Level with pointed legs

Construction Tripod – Designed for Optical Level with pointed legs

Height of work to be executed

Thanks to the adjustable design of the legs of the construction tripodsThese can span various working heights. However, each tripod provides a minimum and maximum height.

This factor is another that must be taken into account when selecting the instrument. Indoor construction works are very different from works carried out in open or outdoor areas. In both cases, you must know the dimensions of the work and the various measurements and levels that are required to be executed, as well as their size.

With this information in hand, you can proceed with the selection of the appropriate professional construction tripod.

Construction Tripod - Height Adjustment

Construction Tripod – Height Adjustment

Tripod portability

For jobs where measurements and leveling are required, constantly and at various points in the work area, the portability of the tripod is essential.

The ease of carrying the support apparatus from one side of the construction site to the other is very important. This not only facilitates the execution of the work, but also saves time and human resources, since the tripod it could be carried by one person easily.

At this point of portability, the weight of the tripod must be considered, which is determined by the type of material with which the device is made. Wooden tripods are heavier and provide a bit more stability. The other option is the tripods made with aluminum, which are much lighter and thanks to the advancement and sophistication of their designs, they also provide the required stability.

Another aspect regarding portability is the inclusion of a strap to transport the tripod, which some models include. This practical and functional accessory greatly facilitates the transfer of the tripod.

Type of work

For both engineers and architects, builders or master builders, the tripods They are indispensable work tools when carrying out the work or project. That is why a tripod is required that meets all the requirements demanded by the type of construction being executed.

For public, civil, or industrial construction works involving large-scale work, a professional construction tripod that in addition to being resistant, it has an adaptable plateau. This will allow the support instrument to be used with a variety of tools, and in rough or extreme work areas.

For lighter construction such as residential or even commercial, a tripod of medium resistance, since the work environment of these works is generally not extreme. However, it is the master builder who will be able to know the detail of the area, the tools to be used and the frequency of use that will be given to the tripod, so he is an excellent reference for the selection of the instrument at the time of consultations. more specific about how the field of work will be.

Select the professional construction tripod According to the type of work to be carried out, it can be achieved by following the recommendations indicated in this article. Buy your ideal tripod construction, and enjoy all the advantages that this instrument offers as an ideal complement to increasingly advanced measuring instruments and tools.

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