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Corded tools vs. Cordless tools

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In the market for power tools there are many options that users can count on. And additionally, in recent years the technology of battery power tools has been developed, which have reached the market setting the standard and making a space next to traditional corded tools, potentially increasing the variety of electrical work instruments.

Currently we can sectorize the great diversity of power tools that exist, into two large and versatile groups: the corded tools and battery tools.

In this publication we will talk about each of these groups, their characteristics, utilities, and benefits or advantages.

Corded tools

They are the classics tools that work on the basis of electrical energy, and that must be connected to an outlet to function.

These are the common or standard working instruments, which have been on the market as the only option for years, in the field of electric tools.

Corded Tool – Saw

Utility and implementation

Are diverse corded tools that exist, from screwdrivers to circular saws, through rotary hammers, drills, grinders, jig saws, and a long and extensive etcetera.

The usefulness of these tools It is very vast, they are implemented in almost all fields or work areas such as construction, design, decoration, carpentry, masonry, DIY, among many others.

Are machines Being the only option that existed for users in the area of ​​electrical work instruments, they were adapted to the needs of the client, covering almost all tasks to be carried out by man. Are tools of work have been manufactured with different powers, speeds, sizes, ranges, amperage, percussions and functions. And over the years they have been renewed with new technologies and designs, to make the work even easier for users.

It is because of all this that we can see a corded power tool In the garage of a DIY enthusiast, or in a specialized aircraft building workshop.

Benefits and advantages

The corded tools being the first electric tools that went on the market, almost completely cover the different tasks that can be carried out. Likewise, they present a great variety of models, adapted to the dimensions of the work or task to be executed.

By its nature, this type of tool It is the most recommended for carrying out jobs that demand an extended time of use of the work instrument, or a considerable power demand.

On the other hand, they do not require a certain time to recharge so they can be used as soon as they are connected to the electrical current.

Cordless tools

Is tools emerged as an alternative to corded tools, but with the particularity that they do not require wiring or an electrical connection.

Since it arrived on the market, this type of work instrument has evolved to the point of matching in some cases the performance of its corded version.

Cordless Tool - Compact Drill

Cordless Tool – Compact Drill

Another of the technological advances of the cordless tools, it is constituted by the fact that some brands have created a whole line of work instruments, which work with the same battery. This represents a great advantage for customers, who only need to purchase a battery to work with any of the compatible tools.

Additionally, batteries with Lithium technology have come onto the market, which have high performance and high durability. This type of advanced technology allows the battery to have a life time that is four times that of other batteries. Likewise, they allow the tool work at full power even when the battery is low.

Batteries with this type of technology are fully recharged in a short time.

Utility and implementation

Are diverse electric tools that have their battery version. Among them we can mention the angle grinder, impact screwdriver, orbital jigsaw, orbital sander, automatic inflator, lamp, multi-tool, sheet sander, orbital polisher, compact drill, hammer drill, among others.

These machines cover tasks in the area of ​​carpentry, construction, design, electrical, DIY, plumbing, plumbing, among many others.

The cordless tools They also have various models, which provide the user with tailor-made options.

Battery tool - Jigsaw

Battery tool – Jigsaw

Benefits and advantages

Are toolsIn addition to facilitating the execution of the work for which they were designed, they provide freedom of movement and ease of working in difficult-to-access spaces.

As they do not need to be connected to an outlet, these tools They can be used outdoors or in areas where there is no electricity.

Their portability is also one of the great advantages, as well as the ease of storage.

On the other hand, cordless tools provide greater safety when working in humid environments, and when working at heights.

And as a general rule, they are lighter.

Battery tool - Multitool

Battery tool – Multitool

Corded or cordless tool?

As we already mentioned, so far there is no version of battery tool for each and every one of the corded tools that exist. So this is a determining factor when selecting the required work instrument.

On the other hand, it must be considered that the battery voltage determines the power of the tool Without cable. And although they already exist cordless tools that match its cable version, it is necessary to validate that the battery power to verify that the tool will meet the required performance.

If the work to be carried out is demanding in terms of use time and power tool, it is best to opt for the corded work machines. For example, if a considerable amount of thick pieces of wood needs to be cut, it is best to use a corded circular saw.

For the case of extended jobs that require a saber saw or jigsaw, the corded version of these machines is also preferable.

For work with impact or drill drivers, the cordless models are an excellent option, since they require power in a specific way and not extended. In addition, they allow greater mobility and accessibility to difficult or small work spaces.

Both corded tools like the cordless toolsThey are very useful in the labor field in general. Depending on the characteristics of the task to be carried out, you can choose a type of tool or on the other.

Without a doubt, both types of tools they have a space in the market and in various work areas.

Battery powered tool - Orbital sander

Battery powered tool – Orbital sander

Until now, technology has helped innovate in the field of electric tools, so we hope to continue seeing new developments that provide new solutions to users, along with technological advances.

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