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Cordless Multitools: 10 Things to Know

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The multi tools, also known as oscillating multipurpose tools, have advanced over time to become a team that facilitates the lives of users in various tasks of construction, DIY Y carpentry.

The cordless multitools they cover a very broad spectrum of work. And the design of some models includes carbon-free motors, ergonomic finish that fits perfectly in the hands, and a flashlight on the front for working in low-light areas.


What to know about multitools

Due to their size and ergonomic design, they reach areas where others cannot. Is tool it is ideal for perform various jobs, from DIY to others not so small as work in workshops of different branches.

Here we share 10 things you should know about multitools and their technology:

  1. Are cordless tools that facilitate its use, without annoying cables. They use a rechargeable battery.
  2. Some models come without bunker. This new feature eliminates the disadvantage of some models, which suffer wear and tear and require maintenance. So the absence of coals is a remarkable technological progress.
  3. The rubber that covers some models makes their use easier because you can take the tool by the head and the handle, to work with emphasis in some areas.
  4. It is a precision cutting working instrument, it can cut to depth and with exactitude a determined area. Allows you to separate solid objects in corners, or other areas, to scratch mortars.
  5. It makes fast and precise cuts without damaging the material, being able to work flush with the surface since the set screw and it does not interfere with its use.
Multi-tool - Ease of grip

Multi-tool – Ease of grip

  1. The accessories of these multi tools They are used to saw, rasp, sand, Polish, cut and scrape both open areas and hard-to-reach areas.
  2. The technology of cordless multitools It works by vibrating at different speeds, allowing you to cut different materials, depending on the accessory you have installed.
  3. There is a variety of machines that differ in the speed of oscillation, although some can already graduate in certain vibrations per minute.
  4. The different accessories have, for the most part, a universal measure, so they can be combined with different machines.
  5. To change the accessories, the adjustment is carried out with a small Allen key or a wrench. However, the current design allows the change of accessories without the use of tools, by means of a built-in lever.

A tool of infinite uses

The multi tools They have a wide variety of uses, as they have different accessories.

Multitool - Accessories

Multitool – Accessories

Its uses include:

  • Sanding and roughing: the accessories of the tool they facilitate sanding and roughing of different surfaces and places. For sanding it is recommended to place a rubber or velcro base to support the sandpaper. Sanding accessories come in various shapes such as equilateral triangle, delta skate and finger type.
  • Cut: There is a wide range of accessories with which you can cut plastic, wood, metal, cardboard, plaster and even ceramic. With various geometric shapes, there are accessories of different sizes and widths, adaptable to different needs. Plunge cuts can be made, since areas such as chases in walls or ceramic bricks can be cut.
  • Scratch: among the multiple tools there are scratching, a kind of spatulas that are used to clean certain surfaces. There are some quite specific, ideal for removing mortar grout.
  • Works on the ground: they are able to access any part, such as laminate, parquet, carpet remnants or profiling strips.
  • They can do adjustment and adaptation work. They achieve precision down to the remotest corner.
  • It is used to saw epoxy and glass pieces, even polishing work in various areas.

With the multi tools You have a wide range of options for work to be done, thanks to the accessories it has. It is a great alternative if you want to acquire the most complete set of tools for home or work tasks, in one device.

Explanatory video of the use of a multitool

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