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Cylindrical compressors

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The cylindrical compressors They are used in machines and small powers. They are used in engineering fields and make our way of life possible. They open and close valves. This is achieved with the movement of the piston compressing the gas, which generates an internal energy that fulfills the first law of thermodynamics. There are cylindrical compressors of various types: single-phase hermetic cylindrical compressors, common in domestic or larger capacity refrigerators, such as those used by commercial companies, which must have several cylinders for better maintenance and easier repair. These have been replaced by new compressors, easy to use; That is why it is said that they are no longer used in these times, as the screw compressor, which has better performance, has become more common.

How does a cylindrical compressor work?

There are four steps that must be followed for the compression to be carried out properly. First, we have evaporation, which is the heat input to the compressor; second, compression, which takes place when valves open and close due to heat; third, condensation, which is the heat output from the compressor; fourth, the expansion of the valve, which takes place quickly when all the heat that was in the compressor comes out. These steps are simple and are repeated as a cycle in which the compressor performs the same function.

Parts of a compressor

Compressors, in general, have different parts, but the cylindrical compressor has the following:

  • Cylinder through which the heat passes
  • Piston that sucks / compresses gas
  • Motor shaft
  • Stator
  • Scape valve
  • Sliding blade spring

Each of these parts is important to the proper operation of the compressor.

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Compressor applications

The cylindrical compressors They are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, so you can find them in your home and in your car. They are also used for gas in process, in small companies. These have more than two cylinders and are placed horizontally. In addition, they have two or more compression stages.

The applications are in refrigerant systems, which have different fluids, according to the Brazilian company Embraco: R12 and / or mixtures R134a and R600a. These compressors differ internally from each other in order to present the best performance and ensure a highly reliable product.

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