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Disc cutters How to choose the most suitable according to use?

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The milling cutters are the main elements of the milling machines, and they are the ones that act directly on the work material, making the corresponding cuts.

Among the wide range of strawberries that exist in the market, there are the disc cutters. This type of milling cutter is one of the most used, thanks to the diversity of cuts that it can execute, and the variety of types of materials on which it can work.

The disc cutters They have the ability to machine long, deep and wide opening slots more efficiently while offering higher quality stability and better productivity. Another characteristic of the disc cutters, is that they can be used forming trains, to machine in this way, more than one surface at the same time in the same plane.

There is a wide variety of designs and models of disc cutters, each of which is created to perform specific tasks, and to perform on certain materials.

When choosing a disc cutter, the main factor that must be taken into account is the type of work to be carried out, and the material to be worked on. With this information, the appropriate disc cutter can be selected.

Disc Mill

Disc milling cutters classified according to the type of work to be carried out

The characteristics of disc cutters, vary according to the function for which they were designed.

Face disc cutters with cross keyway: this type of cutters are suitable for machining medium-hard and soft steels. They have high performance.

Face disc cutters with insert cutting teeth: they are used to plan, and can work with superimposed cutting teeth. The teeth used for this type of milling cutter can be made of high-speed steel, burins with metal carbide inserts, and metal carbide inserts or pads. The clamping mechanism of the false teeth can vary.

3-cutter disc cutters: These cutters have cutting edges on their periphery and on both sides. They are used to create slots and there are two models of this type of disc:

  1. Three Flute End Mills with Alternating Helical Cut: The teeth of these end mills slope alternately to the right and to the left.
  2. Strawberries of three cuts standard model: with straight teeth.

For both types of strawberries, there are models of high speed steel and metallic carbide inserts.

Disc milling cutters for machining various shapes: the models or designs of these disc milling cutters are diverse, among these we can mention the following:

  • Two-cutter disc cutter with straight teeth, inclined teeth or zig-zag teeth.
  • Disc cutter for deep shaving and parting off.
  • Single angular disc milling cutter, symmetrical and asymmetrical double angular ones.
  • Convex quarter circle, concave half circle or convex half circle disc cutter.
  • Disc milling cutters for threading.
  • Disk mill to create square slots, T-shaped slots, and high performance.
  • Disc milling cutter for grooving half-moon keyways.
  • Disc mill to create inclined grooves with divergent or convergent taper.
  • Disc milling cutter for copy milling machines.

Depending on the work to be done and the type of milling machine to be used, you should opt for the disc cutter with the proper design.

There are many milling cutter manufacturers on the market, who have dedicated a large part of their work team to the task of improving their design, with the aim of optimizing and facilitating the work of users.

Disc mills for multiple and simultaneous grooves

To carry out the simultaneous machining of some surface, the most recommended are the disc cutters carbon steel. These cutters have a central hole and an adjustable keyway, to fix to the shaft.
Are disc cutters They feature a design that allows them to mill more than one slot at a time, if placed together in a staggered pattern. This considerably reduces vibrations, and the need for a flywheel.

Disc Strawberry - Train

Disc Mill Train

Double edged disc cutters

Are strawberries Constructed of hard metal, they are ideal for grooving with feed bearings. Their design allows them to make grooves on edges or narrow edges in boards and solid wood.

three-edged disc cutters

Made of hard metal, these strawberries Groove fine edges. They work on construction elements, made with solid hard and soft wood, as well as board material.

Disc Milling Cutter - Expert-groove-4mm-bosch 3Filos

Disc Mill – Three Edges

Disc milling cutters with inserts

One of the innovations in the area of ​​inserts for disc cutters, are designed with a “V” shape. This type of insert generates an optimized cutting geometry, which reduces noise and cutting forces. machining. Additionally, it allows maximizing the cutting parameters, to obtain high productivity, even in situations where instability is present.

This type of disc cutters is suitable for performing machining in a wide variety of materials. And they can be used for grooving, face milling, side milling, back milling, circular interpolation, helical interpolation, parting and T-slot machining.

On the other hand, the geometry present in the inserts with 4 free cutting faces, offers different grades, and includes flat faces to achieve fine surface finishes, as well as the optimization of chip flow.

For machining gears and slots on CNC cutting machines, on milling of rack and carving with hob, are used disc cutters, with hard metal inserts. This type of insert is ideal for working on steel.

Disc Mill - CoroMill 172

Disc Mill with Inserts

The current design of the inserts for the disc cutters, provides a wide versatility when executing jobs. For the proper selection of the disc milling cutter to acquire, it is enough to clearly define the task to be carried out.

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