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Electric water pumps: How to choose a booster pump?

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The electric water pumps turn out to be a tool effective for when you want to transport water from one place to another. Its utilities are multiple and are of great help when we know most of them.

For cases in which it is required to move a quantity of water from one place to another, a water lift pump it can be of great use to you.

What is the electric water pump?

The electric water pumps are tools that are used to pump water from one place to another and can transport clean, dirty water and various liquids, depending on the business or domestic sector in which they are used.

Peripheral electric pump

Among the various activities they carry out, the following stand out:

  • Carry water from one place to another. For example, transporting water from a lower floor to a higher floor because it does not reach it due to natural pressure.
  • Empty pools with the model submersible electric water pumps.
  • irrigate crops Some of these models are designed for the irrigation of certain planted areas.

The electric water pumps, unlike the water pumps or motor pumpsThey work with electric motors with a fixed current or charger that do not require fuel. In the class of electric pumps, we find the family of centrifugal, peripheral, self-priming pumps, among others.

The booster pump is the tool ideal to increase the water pressure in a certain place where the liquid does not reach. For example: when in a building there is not enough water flow to the highest floors. Likewise, when a faucet is opened and no water comes out, be it the shower or the toilet or the kitchen. In any case when the water pressure is very low, a booster pump, which is responsible for driving the water so that the appropriate assortment arrives.

Pressure booster pump: What you should know before buying one

At the time of buy an electric water pump You must be clear about what you are going to need it for and thus choose the one that best suits your requirement.

Therefore, you must take into account the following:

  • If you need the water lift pump in a place where you live with other people, such as neighbors or children. That is, in places where you can not make much noise, then you should choose a silent pump.
  • If the water supply is irregular, it is advisable to purchase electric water pumps They stop automatically when the water runs out.
  • It is important that you know the inlet diameter you need. For example, if it is one inch, buy the same one so that you do not have complications at the time of installation.
  • The volume of water to be transferred must also be considered; capacities vary depending on the models.
  • The temperature of the fluid to be transported is another element to consider, since the water pumps They are designed for each function. If you are going to transport hot liquid or with residues or chemicals, you must choose the one that corresponds so as not to damage it or lose money.
Centrifugal electric pump

Centrifugal electric pump

You must also know where the liquid will be transported from to choose the right water pump:

  • If they are submersible, either to draw water from a deep well or simply under water. Use one of the models to empty stagnant water.
  • If they are centrifugal, either standard or self-priming, to transfer water to towns, industries, buildings, in irrigation and drainage systems, etc.
  • If it is used peripherally to the main entrance of the water supply so that it can be carried under pressure to the entire pipe circuit of the home.
  • You should also take into account if you are going to choose one of the silent compact or a traditional hydropneumatic.

The power of an electric pump

The power of a water pump is a determining factor for its correct operation. Must be choose the device with adequate power for the work to be done and the place where it will be carried out.

In type A premises, such as homes with a kitchen, a laundry room and a bathroom, a electric pump with a flow rate of approx. 2,000l/hr. In type B premises, with a kitchen, laundry room and bathroom, a flow of 2,800 l/h is required. On the other hand, in type C premises, which include a kitchen, a bathroom, a full bathroom and a laundry room, 3,600 l/h is recommended.

In type D and E premises, with a kitchen, more than one bathroom, office and bathrooms, it is preferable to use pumps with flow rates between 5,400 l/h and 7,500 l/h, respectively.

If working with risk installations, such as diffusers or 90° sprinklers, the appropriate power is 540 l/h. In 180° diffusers, it is better to implement 750 l/h; while in 360° diffusers and jet diffusers, 1,020 l/h and 900 l/h, respectively, are recommended.

If the electric pump is for use industrial, it must be of the superficial or centrifugal type with a flow rate of approximately 6000 I/h and a maximum pressure of 5.5 bar.

Submersible drainage electric pump

Submersible drainage electric pump

In this case, it is very useful to carry out two calculations to accurately determine the flow power: The manometric height and the geometric height.

The manometric height is obtained with the geometric height+water head losses through the pipes (HM = HG+head loss). And the geometric height is revealed with the suction height (Ha) + Discharge height (Hi) (HG=Ha+Hi).

Additionally, it is important that you take into account the following when you are going to choose which pump to buy:

  • The depth from where the water is taken, the height to which it is going to be taken and the water flow.
  • The electric water pumps Peripherals give more privilege to the height to which the water will be carried than to the flow that it will transport. The higher the height, the lower the flow.
  • Standard centrifuges care more about flow rate than head.
  • The self-priming pumps drive a large flow of water at a low height, they are mainly used to recirculate the water in swimming pools.
  • The water pumps drainage submersibles are also used to boost large flows at low heights. These are also used for swimming pools, for basements and carry clean, dirty water and other elements.
  • The electric water pumps Submersibles extract deep water and carry it under pressure to great heights.
  • The booster pump traditional has a hydropneumatic system that maintains the pressure in all the water pipes of the house.
  • Innovative and compact water systems raise the water pressure without pressurizing the pipes.

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