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How and why choose an explosion pressure washer?

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A pressure washer is a tool for industrial and domestic purposes with extensive results in terms of its functionality. It can quickly and accurately clean a wide variety of surfaces thanks to the force with which it works.

The explosion pressure washer

A pressure washer to explosion it works with low pressure water and a bomb driven by a motor that generates pressure. The pressure carries water flow through the hose to the tip, where there is a gun that expels the liquid through a reduced nozzle at high pressure. This strong discharge cleans the desired space quickly and easily.

This functionality allows for great water savings, since here it is not the quantity that counts, but the force with which the water is activated.

There are three elements that define a pressure washer to explosion:

  • Power: It is the force that the machine possesses to produce the pressure and flow of the water.
  • Flow: refers to the amount of water coming out of the pump. If you have more flow, the work is done faster, since the force of the flow speeds up the removal of dirt from the treated area.
  • Pressure: it is the heart of the machine. Some pistons cause the passage of water until reaching nominal values. The pressure can be varied by changing the nozzle and thanks to this pressure the working time can be reduced.

Blast pressure washer

It is also important to consider the revolutions per minute, which are the number of revolutions per minute that the pump makes. The fewer revolutions per minute, the longer the life of the pump. For example, a 3,600 rpm machine will last less than a 1,200 rpm machine.

The explosion pressure washer It works with gasoline, diesel or naphtha. Its design is very useful for those places where there is no electrical connection. Its engine is large and has robustness and quality.

The drive is how the pump connects to the power source and is divided into two types:

  • Direct transmission: the bomb It is connected directly, its duration is shorter since the revolutions per minute are higher.
  • Belt or pulley transmission motors: the energy is transported indirectly from the source to the pump by means of the pulley and the belts.

A explosion pressure washer can be used for:

  • Services: car washes for mild or powerful treatments, maintenance of air conditioners, pipes and drains.
  • Construction: clean trucks and machinery, buildings, floors Y crystals; cleaning of monuments
  • Food market: clean and disinfect chicken farms and pig spaces.
  • Agricultural: wash and clean tractors, agricultural machines, processing plants, cattle (with certain reservations not to hurt them) and fertilize plants.
  • Home and individual use: wash equipment and tools garden, bicycles, medium and large cars, motorhomes, furniture, terraces, walls, patios, tiles, facades, swimming pools and benches.
  • workshops: clean mud or grease, all kinds of parts, remove old paint or degrease.
  • heavy machines: washing boats and cleaning machines industrial.

How to choose an explosion pressure washer according to your case?

As has been considered with other tools, the choice depends on your need.

When choosing one pressure washer to explosion You have to take into account that it works with gasoline, diesel or naphtha. What allows you to carry out your tasks even if you do not have electricity at hand.

Their engines are usually 4-stroke.

To choose an explosion pressure washer, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • The power that is needed for a work area. Do not buy the same machine to wash an area of ​​your house or your workshop where there is a little grease stuck, as to wash heavy machinery with a lot of dirt attached.
  • Pressure is another issue to consider. Some equipment have a maximum power of 2700PI and nominal flows of 12.6 liters per minute.
  • Rotation is also important, this depends on the workforce. But as mentioned above, the more revolutions per minute, the less useful life of the equipment. Although the higher the revolution per minute, the greater the intensity of the work force.
Blast pressure washer - Power

Blast pressure washer – Power

  • It is important to assess the temperature of the water that will be used, in general, each model has in its specifications the temperature range that it tolerates.
  • Many models are easy to transport, with a pair of wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another.
  • Before using a pressure washer, it is necessary to know the general safety guidelines. Here are some rules:

Do not direct the water jet towards adults, children, pets, unstable structures or electrical sources, nor use the equipment with flammable liquids or in rainy weather. Likewise, the eyes must be covered with protective glasses and under no circumstances is it recommended to operate the device with pressure values ​​higher than the product parameters.

A pressure washer to explosion is a tool which can result from great utility at work or in daily home use.

Is a tool very practical that fulfills the mission for which it was designed and its use represents great water savings.

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