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How do Flat Pliers work?

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The flat pliers or flat tweezers, are those characterized by having a square mouth slightly grooved inside and in some models, curved arms, which we use to hold small parts, to bend wire, manipulate components or keep them still when welding, as well as to reach hard-to-reach places.

How do flat pliers work?

The flat pliers they are manual tools that work together with the strength of man, that is, they require the arm and hand of a user to be able to fulfill their function, otherwise it would not be possible. The force that is applied to the handle when pressed, is transferred to the lower arms that are used to hold, bend wires, etc.

Recommendations for the Use of Flat Pliers

manipulation of flat pliers It may seem, at first glance, not very dangerous. But when used improperly, they can cause injuries (wounds and bruises) that are sometimes quite serious. Although the causes of these accidents are very diverse, we can cite the following as the most significant:

  • Poor quality of pliers. It is recommended to always use good quality tools, not only to ensure a good job, but also to increase the life of the tool. We will notice that a good pliers It is the one that does not have play both in the handle and in the arms. Your handles should be insulated.
  • Inappropriate use for the work that is done with them: there are a wide variety of pliers or tweezers, each of them designed for specific tasks.
  • Lack of experience in handling by the user.

Before using the flat pliers, it is necessary to check that they are in good condition and that they are not worn out by use. Regarding the use, we recommend:

  • Do not use this type of pliers to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts, as this use will damage the arms of the tool. To do this, you can use a pressure clamp or extendable pliers.
  • Do not hit objects of high hardness, as this can cause damage to the state of the pliers.
  • When we cut a metallic thread or cable, we must make the cut perpendicular to its axis, turning slightly around and holding the ends to avoid the violent movement of any fragment that could cause us damage.
  • When we use the flat pliers to carry out welding and/or work with electrical risk, we must ensure that the pliers have insulated handles.

Then different types of pliers or tweezers.


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