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How does the branch saw work and what is its application?

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The maintenance of small gardens or with few shrubs, can be done effectively with the use of pruning shears, and with other small garden tools. However, in the case of large gardens or with bushes with branches of a certain thickness, it is best to opt for the use of a saw cuts branches or pruning saw, as it is also known.

What are branch saws and what are they for?

As its name implies, this tool it does not cut but saws the branches. This saw works like a handsaw that cuts wood from only one direction.

The branch saws They are perfect for working thick branches, impossible to cut with the use of pruning shears. Additionally, a pruning saw provides a clean, straight cut and protects the wood from disease or disease.

exist branch saws gasoline and electric, the latter have been gaining ground in the market, and they are the ones that we will deal with in this note.

Electric branch saw

The electrical system that the pruning saws It can work connected to electrical power or by means of a battery. On the other hand, since they are electric, they do not need to be operated with the hands, which implies a reduction in effort, and possible injuries or wounds in the user’s hands. However, the operator of the pruning saw It must withstand some load generated by the vibration of the cutting blade as it moves back and forth.

Although the models of branch saws Electric vehicles are usually less powerful than gasoline models, this difference is constantly decreasing thanks to the advancement of technology.

On the other hand, pruning saws that work with batteries provide unlimited mobility thanks to the fact that they work without cables. Which does not happen with those that work connected to electrical energy. This is an important advantage because the pruning task is usually done in places where the cable can be annoying or even cause an accident.

How does an electric pruning saw operate?

The branch saws Electric machines work like a saw or handsaw. In other words, they have a flat serrated blade that moves back and forth at high speed.

Branch saw - Cutting blade

Branch saw – Cutting blade

To carry out the cutting of the wood, you must press the tool toward the branch with the correct pulse, while the saw performs the electrically powered saw motion. Unlike the pruning shears, the saw is not limited by the space between the blades, allowing it to cut larger diameter branches.

Advantages of buying an electric branch saw

There are several advantages that you can enjoy when purchasing an electric branch saw. We indicate the main ones:

  • It allows cut branches thicker than any shears.
  • Execute clean and straight cuts providing more safety and health to the branches.
  • Thanks to their electrical design, they provide a longer working time than gasoline models.
  • The battery models offer a shorter working time, but provide greater autonomy to work distant branches.
  • They do not emit harmful gases.
  • They generate less noise.
  • Some models have an ergonomic handle, which makes it easier to grip the tool and carry out work.
Branch saw - Ergonomic handle

Branch saw – Ergonomic handle

  • They provide greater safety by not working with flammable fuel.
  • Thanks to the fact that they work automatically, they greatly reduce user effort.
  • In some saws the handle is detachable, which allows cutting branches easily in any situation.
  • The electrical mechanism prevents the cut from being chipped and inaccurate.
  • The change of the cutting blade It can be done without tools on some models, thanks to its easy-change design.
  • Some models include a safety lock on the blade when the tool is not in use.

Safety Tips for Using the Branch Saw

Before using your pruning saw, it is essential that you take your time and know some safety guidelines for the correct use of the tool:

  • Read the tool’s user manual completely.
  • You must have the appropriate physical and mental conditions to operate an electric saw.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol, medications and drugs before and during the use of the tool.
  • It is advisable that you wear safety glasses, hearing protection, steel-toed shoes, safety gloves, and clothing that does not interfere with the machine.
  • While you are working with the saw, be sure to hold it with both hands and maintain a firm position by supporting yourself on both feet.
  • Avoid cutting branches that could fall on you.
  • Verify that the work area is completely clear.
  • Never leave the tool within reach of children.

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