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How does the Grinder work?

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Fundamentally, the grinder It is a DIY and industrial power tool. This has a motor and a mechanism to rotate a spindle just like the drill. A multitude of accessories can be attached to this part of the machine, in order to convert it and use it as router, sander or router for wood as these tools also cut, polish and grind.

Types of Grinders

There are different types of grinders most characterized by the size, power and diameter of the discs. These are called Grinders Y Mini grinders.

  • The Grinders small or Mini grinders They use or discs and their powers alternate between 500W, 700W and 800W.
  • The Grinders Large ones have discs and their powers are higher, reaching 2000W and 2600W.

Parts of a Grinder

Grinder Applications

Both Grinders like the Mini grinders they have the same function. What makes them different is the handling and work to be done with them. Those intensive jobs on hard surfaces or materials on large surfaces, are usually done with Grinders large discs. This machine is more related in the professional field due to the saving of time in the work carried out and also due to the good results it provides, such as achieving straighter and cleaner cuts.

The most subtle jobs, on small surfaces or when you do not have a good relationship with the machine, it is preferable to use Mini Grinders, for example when we are going to grind weld seams, make fine cuts in metal profiles, or sand and polish on small surfaces .

Accessories for Grinders

  • The cutting and cutting discs They are used to cut any type of material such as ceramics, wood, iron, etc. To use these discs it is very important to pay extreme attention and maximize security measures since it has a risk factor.
  • There are also brushes in the form of metal brushes for polishing, cleaning metal surfaces. For this type of work, safety in the machine and in oneself is very important, it is necessary to have the correct position of the brush so that it does not make contact with the machine when turning since it can ruin it and leave its axis, endangering you. same.
  • The metal brushes With a disc shape, they are used to strip paint on metal or wooden surfaces, you must be very careful when using this material, especially when you want to strip a wooden surface as the surface can be damaged by rough stripping. To avoid this, it is advisable not to press excessively and operate the brush at a slow turning speed.
  • The sanding discs They are suitable for light polishing, preparation and finishing of surfaces such as concrete walls.

With the help of these accessories that the grinder, you can turn it into a very powerful machine that will allow you to polish, make precise cuts, carve in wood, level concrete surfaces, polish rusty metal parts, sharpen gardening and woodworking tools, etc.


  • Something that is very important is that although grinders and the drills They have a similarity in functions and accessories. It is not advisable to use drill accessories in Grinders since the speeds of both are not the same and it can cause damage to the machine and / or the work carried out.
  • The quality of your work will depend a lot on your machine, the appropriate accessories you use and that it is in good condition.
  • It is preferable to have a grinder that has electronic speed control, this helps the handling that is given on different materials and surfaces to be precise and efficient.

When using a grinder, it is important to consider compliance with certain safety regulations, a topic that we discuss in this article.

To know about the variable speed of a grinder read this article.

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