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How to adapt a gasoline generator to use it with the home gas network?

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tailor a gasoline generator to a domestic gas network is a very useful installation that allows implement higher performance fuels and reduce costs.

Although the new generations of generators gasoline They also allow gas combustion, in this article we will learn about the benefits of being able to adapt all our engines for better performance.

What is a gasoline generator and how is it different from other generators?

Energy plays a very important role in survival. We need machines that generate electricity, light our home and keep it warm.

Whether you want to live off the grid or simply prepare for prolonged emergencies or intermittent power outages, having a generator backup can be very beneficial.

Generators usually run on gasoline, also called gasoline, or diesel and they work as long as they have a fuel supply. But generators can also run on propane and natural gas. Use another type of fuel for your generator offers several advantages.

Gasoline electric generator

If you have a natural gas source, you have virtually an unlimited energy supply.

The gas-powered engine is quieter than gasoline or diesel. Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline, and gas-fired generators have a much longer lifespan.

If the gasoline generators not used often enough, the gasoline will gobble up the carburetor and render the engine unusable. generator.

Propane and natural gas are truly a backup fuel. Your engine will last longer, start better in Cold weather and it will be even more functional when you go to use it in an emergency.

Adapt a generator to gasoline for home gas network

In many cases you do not need to buy a generator new one that runs on gas to experience its benefits. You can always convert your generator above so that it will also work with propane or natural gas.

And the best part is that you can still use gasoline for your generator, but you can also use propane or natural gas if you have a line installed in your house.

Yes, this is really possible and it is not difficult at all. The basic idea is that you just need an adapter between the propane supply and the gas carb. The adapter combines the propane vapors in the air stream over the carburetor.

In most cases, the carburetor does not need to be modified. Conversion kits for each type of engine are widely available today.

Electric generator

Electric generator

A kit usually includes a step-by-step guide for quick and easy installation.

For convert a generator into gasoline, propane, and natural gas, what you need is a carb tri-fuel conversion kit. you will need some tools Basic items like screwdrivers, wrenches, and a Teflon sealing tape that can be purchased at most stores. hardware stores.

The installation It may take a few hours, depending on your mechanical skills, but if you don’t have any skills or experience, it’s better and safer to have someone with experience help you.

There are classic style kits that require significant installation effort. Be prepared to add extenders, cut the crankcase tube, and even the frame.

But now there are much easier kits to install, and while each procedure must be done according to the product’s instructions, most do. the following steps:

  1. Slide the motor like a gasket over the bolts on the carburetor.
  2. Mount the regulator on the generator using the template and elements included in the kit.
  3. And finally connect the generator to a gas supply.

Gasoline is not a fuel professionals will ever choose to use in backup generators.

The 4-stroke gasoline engine generates a combustion of approximately 10,500 kcal/kg, while with gas the combustion is approximately 11,000 kcal/kg, showing greater performance with the combustion of methane, butane or propane.

Gasoline has a very limited shelf life and will actually cause engine failure. Worst of all, when power outages occur due to ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and all other natural disasters, the first product that accumulates is gasoline.

inverter electric generator

inverter electric generator

Hospitals and other large facilities never install a generator naphtha backup. They always use natural gas or diesel.

The octane number of the gas is higher than that of gasoline. A liter of gas weighs approximately 200 grams less than a liter of gasoline at a pressure of 1 Bar.

And the generators propane, especially natural gas generators, are more abundant, becoming the solution to keep the lights on and the machines running.

Propane and natural gas engines provide the same or more power than gasoline. They have longer, uninterrupted runtimes and you can hook them up to large tanks or the gas pipe natural.

The new ones generators They work with gasoline and gas, so it is not necessary to install another plugin.

Modify your generator to gasoline to work with the domestic gas network, or even keep the gasoline option if you wish! This way you will have the option of using several fuels in the same engine.

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