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How to assemble and what should have a good tool workbench?

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For both professionals and amateurs, having a work table complete, that has all the characteristics, the tools and basic accessories, it is essential.

A good work tableRegardless of the profession or the type of activity carried out, it must meet certain fundamental characteristics. Among these characteristics we can mention the following:

  • Firmness: the table must be well constituted and must provide the firmness and strength necessary for the execution of work on it.
  • Surface – To perform tasks smoothly and comfortably, the table must have a large, unobstructed surface area.
  • Compartments: for the safe and orderly protection of accessories and work tools, it is very important that the table has divisions or compartments that allow the location of said instruments.

Additionally, the work table It must have adequate lighting and it must be located in such a way that it is easy to work on it and access the work instruments it protects. It must also have electrical connections, or be located near a power source to connect tools that require electrical current.

Ideal complements for a work table

To obtain a better order and arrangement of the tools, you can count on a perforated wall added or attached to the work table. These walls are generally made of light and strong metal, and provide a perfect option for hanging various types of tools, which will be at the user’s fingertips.

Other elements that can be used as a complement to the Work tables, are the containers or drawers. These are very useful in case the table compartments are not enough. You can place them in an orderly way in some section of the table, or under it. There are also models of these drawers, which can be stacked to facilitate their location and save space.

Another of the widely used means of storage and protection of work instruments, are the toolboxes. These represent an ideal complement, since they can contain the most used work devices ready to transport to another place, as well as ordered and arranged in the work table. There are models of these boxes, which can also be stacked.

Work Table – Perforated Walls and Drawers

On the other hand, the work tools that any person must have work table, are those that are considered basic or essential for all types of work or activity. So what tools must have a workbench for it to be complete? Here we will present them classified into five main types and they are the following:

Measuring tools

Measuring tape: This measuring instrument is essential for any activity. There are many types and models depending on the type of task to be performed. It has the extensible ones, the flexible ones, the carpenters ones, among many others. These models also have different ranges, a very important aspect to consider when selecting the model to purchase and currently, many are already replaced by laser distance meters.
Ruler: they are generally made of wood, metal or plastic. The graduated ruler has a graduated scale represented in centimeters and millimeters, commonly up to the meter.
Level: to determine the verticality or horizontality of an object, the level is a very useful instrument. Used in large construction jobs, blacksmithing and other disciplines, as well as for the placement of a decorative painting. This instrument has a modern version, called a digital inclinometer.
Caliper caliper– This tool is used for small element measurements. The caliper caliber ranges from centimeters to fractions of millimeters.
Compass: a useful measuring instrument, ideal for drawing circumference or arches and measuring diameters, the compass is an indispensable ally on the work table.
Squad: made of steel or wood, it is used to draw angles and to verify the perpendicularity of the elements. The square represents a valuable contribution for any type of manual work.

Clamping tools

Pliers– These tools, also known as pliers, are essential for many jobs. Their main function is to hold, but they also work to cut and bend. There are many models of pliers such as round head, flat head, pressure, cutting and universal.
Sergeant– This is a widely used holding instrument in various professions. It is composed of a pair of jaws that can be adjusted with a pressure screw to hold pieces, with which you want to work, it is also called vice.
Vice: for slightly larger pieces, this instrument is used. To be used, the vise must be screwed to the work table, and consists of a fixed jaw and a mobile jaw that adjusts to the piece, through a screw lever.

Work Table - Drawers

Bench Vise Worktable

Fixing tools

Screwdriver: the very popular and useful tools are used to tighten or loosen screws by hand. There are four types of screw heads and for each there is a type of screwdriver. So we have screwdrivers with a spade, a 4-point star, knurled or cross, and a 6-point star or torx.
Wrench: Used for tightening nuts and threaded pieces, they come in various sizes and shapes. The most used are those with a fixed, adjustable and dynamometric mouth. There are also pneumatic or electric wrenches to get the job done much faster.
Riveter: this work instrument is used to apply cylinders called rivets, which are used to join pieces easily and quickly, which is why the riveter has multiple uses on our work table.
Staplers: essential to join pieces in a practical and efficient way in different work areas, using staples.

Cutting tools

Burin, chisel and cold cutterThese are hand tools designed for cutting, grooving, or roughing material. To do all this, the tools are struck against the material using the appropriate hammer.
lime: this instrument is used to grind and refine metal, wood or plastic parts. The file consists of a carbon steel bar, the design of which has grooves.
handsaw: composed of the arch that holds the cutting blade, the manual saw is very useful for cutting parts or materials.
Tongs– This versatile tool can cut wires, extract tips and clamp parts that a pliers cannot. Of course, there are various models that allow the execution of different tasks.
Pair of scissors– For cutting thin material materials, they are perfect for a multitude of tasks.

Other basic tools

Hammer: one of the most used and essential tools, and is used for striking. Today there are many hammer models, among them we can mention the cabinetmaker, carpenter, mason pot, mechanic’s ball, etc.
Drill: it is the essential instrument in any work table, to make holes in materials or walls. It is also important to know how to choose the right drill for our work.
Sandpaper: To obtain the desired finish, these are the perfect instruments. The fineness of the sanding depends on the number of grit of the sandpaper.
Brushes, chisels and gouges: they are instruments required to carry out the carving of the wood. There are also models for working metal.

All these tools form the basis for having an excellent work table, regardless of the task to be performed. It is very important that all these instruments are kept in a clean and orderly manner in their compartment, for their preservation and easy access to them when needed.

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