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How to choose a chain saw sharpener?

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The chainsaw is a tool that requires sharpening from time to time. If you have worked with them, you have probably noticed the difference in the cut between a new one and another with several months of intensive use: the wood chip in the first is long, while that produced by the second is more like sawdust. . Choosing a chain saw sharpenerIn this case, it is an important decision, depending on how you will use your chainsaw.

There are different models and categories of chain saw sharpeners in the market: bench, battery, manual with guides and hand files. In this article we will see in detail the chain sharpener for chainsaw electric and battery, for being the most reliable, versatile and practical.

Choosing a chain saw sharpener

The first parameter before a purchase should be the safety of the equipment, ease of use and versatility. Do you eliminate the risk of material detachment (sparks, pieces of wood or other debris) when operating? Does it have a protection screen? Can you take it to the job site? Can you sharpen a wide range of chains?

Angle selector – chainsaw sharpener

Second is the mounting system. Some portable equipment allows the chainsaw bar to be secured directly, while others – generally bench equipment – require disassembling the chainsaw. chainsaw chain. Each of these systems has pros and cons, as we will see later.

Last but not least is precision. For Choosing a chain sharpener for your chainsaw Choose those equipment that have a link selector stop, and a positioning system for the plate and the abrasion disc, in such a way that the angle of the disc with respect to the link is optimal. Some models also have a disc advance stop, something that prevents pass us by at the time of sharpening.

Bench Models

Choosing a chain saw sharpener The bench type generally provides more powerful and robust equipment, although it is not possible to bring them to the job site. Their main advantage is that they operate connected to the electrical network, which means that they do not lose power due to battery depletion.

Choose models with electric motors that deliver an average angular speed of 6000 RPM or more at the wheel shaft, and that will accommodate 108mm abrasion wheels.

It is essential that these equipments have a protective screen against detachment of material or residues, and that they offer protection against a possible chain cut.

They should also provide a stop to the advance of the disc (to prevent a cut or an incision in the links) and, of course, an angle graduation system for both the head and the chain fastening; in this way it will be possible to sharpen a large number of models.

Battery Operated Laptops

Chain sharpener for chainsaw

Chain sharpener for chainsaw

The main decision factor should be the autonomy of the batteries; think you should wear this tool to the job site, and you probably won’t have the ability to recharge the batteries there. If your computer allows for easy replacement of these batteries, consider purchasing more than one.

Some models do not have their own clamping system, but allow the sword to be placed directly on a vice; verify that the sword of your chainsaw fits perfectly there, and that the clamping system firmly holds the chain; remember that it must remain perfectly fixed to achieve a perfect sharpening.

The weight of the product is decisive in portable equipment; remember that already chainsaws they carry considerable weight, and the tool for sharpening them should be as heavy or less heavy than them.

If the restraint system requires removing the chain from the chainsaw, verify that you have the tool suitable for doing so, and that the chain is perfectly attached to the clamping system.

Additionally, it is desirable that the equipment be versatile: it must have at least two angle selectors (for the chain holder and for the head); if it has a stop to the advance of the disc, much better.

Finally, check if the system has a link selector stop; This device will save you precious minutes by automatically positioning the correct link for the sharpening task.

Cutting angles

Each chain model has different cutting angles, alternating left and right. To achieve versatility, manufacturers must facilitate angular positioning of both the abrasion head – the one that houses the disc – and the chain holder.

A capacity of 35ยบ to one side or the other is more than acceptable, since in very rare occasions the links exceed those angles.

Disc stop

Disc stop - chain saw sharpener

Disc stop – chain saw sharpener

To the choose a choose a chain sharpener for chainsaw It is important that the advance of the disc has an adjustable stop to prevent the disc from cutting the links, or damaging them by notching them. Most battery and electrical equipment have it.

Always remember to adjust the stopper with the tool off, and using the disk as a reference. Adjust so that the edge of the disc is always a few millimeters above the horizontal surface of the links. Verify, after each pass, that the stop is correctly adjusted, and make sure that the height is correct between chain and chain.

Comparison between different models

Mark Sharpener type Shaft speed, in RPM Battery power Disc diameter Head angle adjustment Angle adjustment of the chain holder Disc advance stop Link selector
Einhell GE-CS 18 Li Battery powered 6500 3 Ah 108 mm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blue Max 5655 Electric 4200 n / a 108 mm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lusqtoff 11002-B Electric 7500 n / a 100 mm No Yes Yes Yes
Oregon 551462 Electric 3400 n / a 108 mm Yes Yes Yes Yes

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