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How to choose a grinder?

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The Grinder It is currently a very useful power tool that is gradually being introduced into the homes of DIY enthusiasts since at first it was only used by trained professionals due to its functionality and high prices. But thanks to its new features and affordable prices, this tool has become a great, useful, and good buy.

To be able to choose one Grinder the following should be taken into account:

1. There are different types of GrinderThey are most characterized by the size, power and diameter of the discs. These are called Grindersy Mini grinders.

  • The most common discs are and that are used by Mini Grinders and their power is between 500W, 700W and 800W. your choice depends on the work area to be carried out.
  • discs are used by Grinders large with power of 2000W and 2600W, this Grinder It is most used by professionals skilled in the use of these devices.

2. The choice of one or the other is depending on the work to be done

  • If you need a Grinder For lighter work, on small surfaces or if you do not have a relationship with the machine, it is preferable to resort to the Mini grinder. For example, when the work required is to make fine cuts in metal profiles, grind strands of welding, sand or brush on small surfaces.
  • If you need to work on large surfaces or do intensive work on hard surfaces, it is recommended to use the Grinder large since with this it simplifies the working time thanks to the larger discs, and that allow more efficient finishes, for example when you want straighter and cleaner cuts.

3. Machine details Grinder

  • Apart from its size, you must also take into account the service of the machine. So much Grinders as Mini Grinders that have electronic speed control are better adapted to work in different areas and materials, which will allow you to use various accessories. This really comes in handy. A good example is when you want to wax and polish the car body.
  • At the time of acquiring accessories for grinder Care must be taken to ensure that they are compatible and above all safe, since among the grinders and the drills have a similarity in functions and accessories, but it is not convenient to adapt drill accessories in Grinders since the speeds of both are not the same and can cause damage to the machine and / or the work carried out.
  • Above all, the safety of oneself in front of your machine. For this it is not recommended to purchase “any” Grinder. There are brands known and recommended by many users that provide security and good finishes.

Regarding the safety in the use of the Grinder, we recommend this technical article.

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