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How to choose a multipurpose power tool?

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Using power tools multipurpose, or oscillating, It has been expanded because they allow a great diversity of jobs or activities to be carried out, in different work areas and also, of course, for tasks at home. In another article we have already developed what type of tool It is about, what are its functions, characteristics and the differences that exist between the models with electric or battery use.

Here then, we will focus on answering the following question: how to choose a multipurpose tool? In addition, we will talk about how to use it correctly and what is the maintenance of this versatile multitool.
Construction professionals, carpentry, masonry, craftsmen, and even DIY enthusiasts, among others, can carry out some of their tasks with a single work instrument, without the need to use several tools or various utensils. It is for this reason that multipurpose tool It has become so in demand and therefore, it is necessary to know the scope of its usefulness.

Thanks to the acceptance that this type of multipurpose tool, Currently there is a wide range of models on the market from which you can select the most appropriate according to the work to be done.

What must be taken into account to acquire the multipurpose power tool adequate? We will have to pay attention to a series of factors that we will describe below:

Jobs to be executed

The first criterion to bear in mind is the use that will be given to the tool. Keep in mind which jobs will be done most frequently. This will allow us to determine what types of accessories we require, as well as the functions that are needed to perform the multipurpose tool.

The different models of tools They have different functions, and with the accessories corresponding to these tasks. When selecting the work instrument, it must be verified whether the required functions are covered by the tool What are we going to buy. As a second step, it must be validated that the model of the multipurpose tool, count on the respective accessories to correctly carry out the work that needs to be done.

The multipurpose power tools, or calls too oscillating for its saw, they can cut, sand, grind, clean, polish, scrape, sharpen, carve, or engrave. It must be validated which of these operations the model to be acquired is capable of executing, according to our needs.

Multipurpose tool – accessories

Tool operating mechanism

The operation of the tool is another factor to consider. The mechanism used by the instrument to carry out its work must also be taken into account when choosing the model of multipurpose power tool.

Some manufacturers equip their models with a portahead tools adjustable, with the capacity to house 12 types of different functions. This provides versatility to the work instrument. multipurpose, and broadens the range of jobs that can be performed.

On the other hand, some multipurpose power tools They have an electronics for speed regulation, which guarantees a smooth start-up, and also allows the different tasks to be carried out with precision.

Another function that some models have is the dust aspiration system. This system makes it possible to keep the work area clean, by avoiding the expulsion and accumulation of dust, even during the execution of jobs that generate a large amount of dust.

Additionally, some models of multipurpose tools They have the option of working with battery as an alternative energy source. This in order to facilitate the performance of work in areas where there is no electrical current, or the use of wiring is difficult.

The functionality of the work instrument can facilitate or further enhance the task to be carried out. That is why we must consider each and every one of the functions that the tool, before opting for one model or another.

Tool handling

Additionally, we must consider the physical characteristics of the Work tool, to determine its ease of handling and portability.

Many models of multipurpose power tools, have an ergonomically designed and non-slip handle, to facilitate handling and offer a good grip or hold.

On the other hand, the physiognomy of this multitool It will allow us to determine if it will be possible to use it in narrow or difficult-to-access places. So we must weigh this characteristic very well. Let us also remember to evaluate both the weight, the length and the thickness of the instrument.

Storage and portability

Other aspects to bear in mind are the storage and portability of the multipurpose tool.

Some models have a device or clip, which allows to fix the electric cable in a coiled and orderly way after using the tool. This facilitates both the storage and the transportation of the work equipment.

On the other hand, some presentations of the multipurpose tool They have a practical case where you can store the work instrument, as well as its accessories, in a safe and orderly manner. In addition, this briefcase allows the transfer of all the elements from one place to another, and the storage of them.

Multipurpose tool - application in construction or renovations

Multipurpose tool – application in construction or renovations

Correct use of the multipurpose tool

To make correct use of the multipurpose tool, the following instructions must be followed:

  • The tool It should only be used to carry out the jobs for which it was designed.
  • Before connecting the work instrument, it must be verified that the data on the nameplate agrees with the data of the electrical network.
  • Only the tool and its accessories, if they are in good condition.
  • The appliance must not be overloaded.
  • Wearing ear protection and gloves is recommended.
  • While working, the device should be kept away from the body.
  • Hands should not be placed in the immediate vicinity of the work area.
  • To attach or change the accessories of the tool, it should be turned off. The instructions in the user manual must be followed.
  • Once the work is finished, the appliance must be switched off.
  • Store the work instrument and its accessories in their case.
  • Store in a dry, dark place, protected from frost. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Before making adjustments or cleaning, the appliance must be switched off.
  • Maintain the appliance and clean it regularly.

Maintenance of the multipurpose tool

As with all electrical tool, its maintenance is vital for its proper functioning and to extend its useful life. For proper maintenance, only the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Minimize dirt and dust on safety devices such as vents and motor housing.
  • Clean the working instrument with a clean, damp cloth and a little mild soap. Compressed air can also be applied keeping the pressure low.
  • The most recommended thing is to clean the appliance after each use.
  • For cleaning the tool, do not use cleaning products or solvents, they could damage the plastic parts.
  • It is very important to prevent water from entering the interior of the tool.
  • When it is required to change the carbon brushes of the tool, a specialized electrician should be contacted. The excessive generation of sparks during the execution of the work indicates the need to check the brushes.

Taking into account this information, we can correctly select our multipurpose power tool, or oscillating.

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