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How to choose a saber saw according to the work to be done?

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The saber saw is a tool that arises from the need to improve efficiency and speed in cutting various materials, including bricks, drywall, wood, aluminum, carpets, leather, etc.

However, due to this great diversity, it is important to know which are the appropriate models for each type of task. In this note we will see how to correctly choose a saber saw that satisfactorily responds to our need for work.

A saber saw for every need

As we saw in a previous article, there are different types of saber saw; mainly electric, wireless and pneumatic. In addition, there are also different types of blade, which is very wide the range of benefits offered by this tool.

Starting from the premise that the fixation of saw blades is standard – all are compatible for any model and brand – it will be enough to list the most common tasks in the construction and home to determine the best combination of type of saber saw and sheet.

It is important to remember the general safety tips: wear goggles, a mask and always keep a safe distance from the tool. Also take into account the risk of kickback, to avoid accidents due to loss of balance, especially when working on ladders, scaffolding or other places with risk of falls.

Modeling work, plastics cutting, hobbies in general

Wireless model. Note the small size, which allows optimal maneuverability for precision work.

The ideal equipment for these cases is the cordless saber saw, combined with a blade for fast and fine cuts or a special blade for plastics (in BIM aluminum). Add to these blades that which allows the cutting of soft materials such as foam rubber, cardboard, styrene, leather and rubber.

The cordless saber sawAlthough it does not offer great power – counterproductive in any case for this type of work – it is extremely portable, lightweight and allows you to work with greater precision than with other models.

Maintenance, repair and home decoration work

saber saw

Corded electric saber saw.

At home it is sometimes necessary to cut carpets, solid or plywood, some plate drywall or perform simple tasks of plumbing or electricity, which involve cutting some plastic or metal pipe.

The kind of saber saw indicated for this task is the electric with cable. Is a tool versatile, mid-power range, especially suitable as a model universal.

Accompanied by an assortment of general purpose blades for wood, metal, plastics and fibrous materials, it is possible to own a suitable cutting tool for all these jobs.

The electric saber saw corded is slightly heavier than wireless but it offers more power, which makes it ideal for use inside the home or garage. It is only necessary to purchase, in addition, an extension that is long enough to work in the corners furthest from the electrical outlets.

Construction work, masonry and large parts

saber saw

Pneumatic saber saw, especially for work in places where there are no electrical outlets.

For the works of brickwork heavier still useful the electric saber saw, although the ideal is to have the pneumatic version of this tool, since many times there is no electrical outlet nearby.

The pneumatic saber saw it is lighter than the electric version (the heaviest of the three) although a little heavier than the wireless model. However, due to the fact that the final power is obtained from the pressure of the compressed air, it achieves a cutting speed of up to 5000 cycles per minute, more than enough for all the jobs to be faced in a construction site. construction.

Is tool Pneumatic can make effective use of any cutting blade, of which the most suitable for this type of work are carbide (for cutting metals such as aluminum, iron and steels, bricks and other abrasive materials), wood and those for cutting fiber coatings (useful for cutting fiber cement, bricks, sponge concrete and other rigid and abrasive materials).

saber saw

Saber saw blade

In this case, it is also important to take into account the risk of kickback (the blade colliding with a material that is harder than it can cut), so it is always advisable to work with a safety distance that prevents losing your balance due to this phenomenon. , especially if you work cutting walls where there may be hidden iron or metal pipes.

Moqueting and carpeting work

For this work it is advisable to use a cordless saber saw or, if the work will be production, a corded model.

The recommended blades for this type of task are those for fibrous materials, for wood and also for plastics.

Gardening and pruning work

saber saw

Saber pruning saw

Here the main thing is the portability of the tool cutting; power is not a big issue as it involves cutting small to medium diameter branches.

saber saw

Blade for special woods.

The choice in this case is, of course, the cordless saber saw, to which can be added the special leaves for green wood and common wood; the first (as its name implies) allows the cutting of branches and trunks that are still green. The other blade is indicated for wood that is already dry or woody.

Carpentry work

saber saw

Carpentry work

As this work is mostly carried out in workshops or garages, you can opt for the corded electric saber saw, which allows you to work quite comfortably and provides comfortable power to cut any type of wood.

The choice of three different types of blade is recommended: general for wood, for green woods (such as that used in gardening work) and the tungsten carbide for woods, which in addition to cutting this material also allows the cutting of nails and screws. in the process, without breaking or kicking back.

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