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How to choose a staple nailer according to the job to be done?

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The nailer, stapler or nailer gun is a tool that allows to accelerate the process of joining two or more elements (mainly wood and plastics) through the use of nails.

As we saw in another article, there are different models: manual, electric and pneumatic. Here we will analyze which are the decisive factors when choosing a gun nailer according to the work to which we will assign it.

Which Staple Nailer Should I Choose?

This versatile tool It is used in four main categories of work: masonry, carpentry, decoration and handicrafts, among other activities with potential use of the staple gun.

For each of them it is important to choose the staples or the right nails for the job, and know the difference between them: the staples They are used to join two small pieces (moldings, wood frames, fabrics and wood) while the nails themselves should be used for larger jobs.

Carpentry work

Job characteristics

Wood is a ubiquitous, inexpensive material that, well worked, produces aesthetically pleasing results.

One of the most used elements to join two pieces of wood together is the nail, but inserting each of them by hand, especially in production environments, can be tedious and lead to inconsistent results.

Which to choose?

The best solution for getting accurate, neat and consistent jobs done quickly enough is the staple gun, which uses staples (which are nothing more than U-shaped nails), with an adhesive that is activated when inserted into the wood, acting as a fixative and sealant, with which the whole is not only firmly attached but is also protected from corrosion and rust. Some models also allow charging of nails, with which a great versatility is obtained.

The staple guns Electric machines do not require compressed air, but they do require electricity. They are usually heavier than pneumatic ones, as they must house the electrical circuits, the actuator and the motor or electromagnet to drive the hammer.

  • For simple carpentry tasks it is advisable to purchase the electric nailer gun, as it only requires an outlet to function.
  • For woodworking production tasks, or for very intensive uses, the pneumatic nailer gun is the best choice: it allows continuous work, with greater power, and generally allows to accommodate a greater number of nails or staples than electric models.

It is important to provide a pressure gauge to the pneumatic nailers, to know at all times if there is sufficient pressure or if it is excessive.

Construction and dry masonry work

Job characteristics


Einhell nailer gun

It is a type of work similar to that of carpentry, although it also contemplates working with sheet metal profiles, metal strips, plastics and other similar materials, and it is generally carried out in places where there is still no household electricity supply installed.

Which to choose?

On a construction site it is difficult to access a functional electrical outlet; there is probably one or more in the place, but far away. In those cases, for electric nailer guns, it is necessary to have an electric generator, or a very long extension.

Electric generator

Electric generator

The staple gun it is ideal for this job if we have a compressor; It allows us to work with relative independence from the lack of nearby outlets, and it will only be enough to take the compressor to the outlet and run it for a few minutes to have compressed air again. Even with two small compressors, it is possible to work continuously by charging one while using the other.

Pneumatic compressor

Compressor with compressed air cylinder, necessary to work with a pneumatic nailer.

Interior decoration work

Job characteristics

Here the characteristics of the works of construction Y carpentry although with a much lower level of demand. Other materials that need to be nailed are also incorporated: fabrics, plastics, acrylics and leather.

Which nailer or stapler to choose?

The work is carried out in environments that have electrical power surely in abundance. The challenge is, in this case, to achieve greater versatility in the type of nails to be used, since due to the variety of materials and thicknesses, it is necessary to be able to work with different sizes of staples and nails.

The best option for interior decorating work is to use a electric nailer gun with dual loading system (staples and nails), which allows loading different sizes.

Hobbies and crafts

Job characteristics

There are many hobbies and crafts that benefit from using the nailer: from ironmodeling to luthiers (artisans who build musical instruments), through the manufacture of toys, upholstery, and so on.

Which stapler to choose?

nailerFor the vast majority of hobbies, just one stapler capable of driving staples up to 1 1/2 inches (38 mm) long. The most recommended models are those with batteries, which avoid complications arising from the presence of cables.

For slightly larger jobs, such as crafts, upholstery, toy making, and more, it is a good idea to have a nailer gun electric that allows the loading of staples and nails.

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