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How to choose an electric lawn mower and what to know about them?

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The electric lawn mowers, unlike those with an internal combustion engine and a battery, they are machines that allow us to work for hours without the need to recharge or fill them with fuel; it is only necessary to have a long enough cable.

Are electric lawn mowers They are the most suitable for medium-sized parks and gardens. There are two models: the edgers and the cutters themselves; In this note we will see the latter in detail.

Choosing an electric lawnmower

As we said, the electric lawn mower is a tool specially designed to facilitate work in medium-sized gardens and parks. As such, these machines are more environmentally friendly than their explosion-powered counterparts, as they use no fossil fuels and are relatively quiet—a blast cutter reaches 95 decibels or more—. They also differ from battery clippers in that they can work continuously without losing power.

There are two types of lawn mowers: the proper ones (with wheels) and the so-called edgers, which are smaller.

What is an electric edger and what is it used for?

They are very simple hand tools, consisting of a mast, a motor, a protective screen and a small bucket containing a rolled segment of string. As it spins at high speed, the string —by centrifugal action— tightens, thus managing to serve as a cutting element.

A few models offer to work with steel blades, but lately the trend is to replace them with tanza line, much cheaper and easier to replace; the blades, thus, are relegated to the models of edgers with an internal combustion engine (called brushcutters).

The edgers They get this name because they are tools designed to perform terminations in the borders of gardens and parks; due to their nature, they specialize in cutting grass only, and not other hardy vegetation and weeds (such as thistles).

What is an electric lawnmower itself and what is it for?

electric lawn mower

electric lawnmower

On the contrary, the electric lawn mower itself is a tool more powerful, which allows to cut neatly and evenly the lawn surface of any garden or park. It has a car in which is suspended, in the center, the axis to which the tanzas or blades are adjusted. It also incorporates four wheels that facilitate its rolling around the place, thus making this task easier and faster than with other tools Similar.

Among the advantages of owning a electric lawn mower We can mention that they are more energy efficient than their battery and explosion-powered peers for some particular jobs, since they use only the energy that is strictly necessary; they take into account aspects of ecology, since they do not generate carbon monoxide or other combustion gases; they are light (the electric motor is smaller than the explosion motor, and they do not require batteries) and the noise level is minimal.

It is important to bear in mind that one of the disadvantages that these tools, is the length of the cable. The maximum area they cover can be thought of as a circle whose center is the outlet to which it is connected and whose radius is the maximum length of the cable (the extension and the machine’s own cable). Therefore, it is important to use them with good extensions or take this aspect into account when purchasing it.

Main parts of an electric lawnmower

Parts of an electric lawn mower

Parts of an electric lawnmower

  • Basket or collection bag: in which the cut grass is deposited.
  • Handle: it is the handle or handle of the slicer.
  • Wheels: depending on the model, some are adjustable in height, and can be made of metal or plastic beams.
  • Switch: on – off.
  • Electric motor: they are generally 0.5, 0.75, 1 and 1.5 HP.
  • Blades: There are different sizes and the cutting diameters are around: 30 cm, 34 cm, 36.5 cm, but electric lawnmowers with cutting diameters of 50 cm are also available.
  • Shell or chassis: It can be metallic (steel or iron) or plastic.

Recommendations for use:

Before using a lawn mowerIt is important to keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Always wear suitable work clothes, if possible boots, long pants and shirt. It is also advisable to wear safety goggles. Remember that in every garden and park you will find small stones, hard clods of earth, branches and other objects that could be thrown with force.
  • Always read the instruction manual, especially the section that explains how to sharpen the blades or how to replace the line.
  • From time to time, check the machine completely. Look for rusted, broken parts. Check the cable to make sure there are no cuts or exposed wires.
  • It is important that the blades are kept sharp and properly balanced. Dull blades could cause unexpected stops. If they are out of balance they will cause vibration and shorten the life of the machine.
  • If the electric lawn mower uses string instead of blades, check that the length of each end is adequate, and that it is in working condition.
  • Never allow children or pets near the machine, especially those that work with blades.
  • Never operate the machine in rain or wet conditions. Nor in places where there are puddles of water.

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