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How to choose an endless bench saw machine for cutting wood?

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An endless saw turns out a tool Ideal for contouring with wood, but also useful for straight cuts. Among the advantages of the endless saw is the efficient way as far as cutting is concerned, since it has from one to several cutting blades, so you can cut a block of wood by removing several pieces at the same time.

What is an endless bench saw?

The endless saw is a tool which is very useful when making cuts with very large pieces of material, since you can work with freehand shapes and design figures according to the talent in art you have, or the specific shape you need.

The main element of the endless saw is an arc-shaped steel belt with teeth on the edges. When the saw begins to work, this belt moves without stopping and, when it comes into contact with the wood, cuts it. It is up to you to give it the shape you need.

It is important to note that this band saw bench It is having a high demand, given the utility it offers in carpentry, furniture manufacturing industries, cabinetmakers, as well as individual workshops and DIY professionals.

The backbone of the endless saw It is the toothed belt, which, when turned on, keeps in a continuous movement at high speed and cuts the wood adapting to the shape, that is, it can form the cutting line to your liking.

Band saw bench

Among its main functions that make it stand out from other similar tools are:

  • Considerable wood savings given the ergonomics of the band saw.
  • The finish of the cut will be prodigious and almost artistic, depending on your need.
  • The teeth will stay sharp for much longer.
  • It has a tolerance and endurance of work more intense than other machines.
  • Cuts a wide variety of wood, as well as chipboard and laminate.
  • Stability when working, with a maximum cut of up to 165 mm.


There is a wide variety of band saws, which can be classified by their teeth. Some of the characteristics that differentiate them will be detailed below:

  • The tooth is the part that cuts.
  • The width of the tip of the tooth at the end of the blade varies in models and functions, it is not the same a endless saw for cut small wood and shape, that one to cut blocks of certain resistant wood.
  • Teeth are classified by inches and orientation.
  • The back of the tooth, which is the opposite part of the cutting edge, also varies in each model.
  • The pitch of the tooth, that is, the distance between one tooth and another, is also variable.

Within the classifications of teeth, their shapes are measured in inches. There are two types of teeth:

  • Regular step: with a constant distance between tooth and tooth which allows a cut with greater intensity, since the dental path is more continuous.
  • Variable pitch– These are repeated at regular intervals throughout the saw, its advantage is that it reduces vibration when cutting, giving you greater precision.
Band saw bench - Wood cutting

Band saw bench – Wood cutting

Within the toothed there is also another classification:

  • Regular setting: teeth are in sets of three (left, right, and straight).
  • Variable set– Your teeth go from left to right in groups of 5 or 7.
  • Play in pairs: it has one pair of teeth on the left and another pair on the right.
  • Wave shape: here the teeth are very fine.

For wood it is advisable to use regular teeth.

The types of band saw are:

  • Bi – metal
  • High carbon saw
  • The band saw tungsten carbide

The ideal ones for cutting woods are those of high carbon and those of bi-metal. The latter is ideal for cuts that are difficult to access, such as rubber.

What you need to know to choose a suitable endless saw

At the time of acquire an endless saw, the user must know exactly the applications and uses that the device will have to guarantee its correct operation.

Choose a saw endless machine according to the application

The blade of a saw machine it is a neural element for its functioning. For this reason, first the sheets indicated for each work mode must be taken into account.

We present some selection parameters:

When doing woodwork, whether ornamental or curved, with a 1: 8 ° radius, then the diameter of the blade should be 3mm; if a 5: 16 ° radius is required, the recommended diameter for the saw is 8mm; and if the radius of application is approximately 1.1 / 2 °, a 16 mm saw is the best option for this case.

On the other hand, if you want to make any other type of cut between 1 to 3 mm, the tool must be equipped with a dentition (DPP) of 33; for finishes between 2 to 5mm, the ideal dentition is 24; while in jobs that require a cut of 4 to 7 mm and 6 to 10 mm, the adequate dentition is 18 and 14 respectively. In this way, the broader the cutting diameter, the smaller the DPP parameter will be.

Similarly, we can also choose the endless saw machine depending on the place of application. For home woodworking, it is advisable to use a basic band apparatus, with a table 300mm x 300mm, 36mm suction adapter diameter, 1400 min ^ -1 (revolutions per minute), and a maximum power of 250W.

Also, for occasional applications and medium size In DIY workshops, 45mm maximum cutting height at 45 ° and 80mm maximum cutting height at 90 ° is usually more than sufficient.

Endless Bench Saw - Support Tilt

Endless Bench Saw – Support Tilt

In addition, there are several differences between each model that must be taken into account:

  • The steering wheels come with a different diameter, reaching up to 14 inches, which makes them quite comfortable to handle, but if you don’t need all that space, you can buy a 9-inch.
  • The power also varies from model to model, ranging from 200 W to 900 W, depending on what you are going to cut frequently.
  • The cutting height is distinguished in these machines, it goes from 89 mm to 350 mm. Depending on the volume of the wood you are going to cut, you can choose the machine you need.
  • The size of the work table also varies, so you must ask yourself the space you have, the space you want to occupy and the need.

The band saw bench turns out a tool useful when to cut wood, since it offers you a cutting option with tolerance to movement and with the advantage of guiding the way of cutting.

Is tool You can draw curved lines and redirect to a straight cut, or cut shapes for a particular design in the woodwork you are doing.

A tool of this type may be what you are needing to give the desired finish to your wood work.

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