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How to choose foam car polishing pads and how many types are there?

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There is a variety of foam pad useful when it comes to polish your car. Each one fulfills a specific function, depending on the state of the surface in which it is going to be applied and the shape, either using a electric polisher or a manual polishing pad.

The foam pad, simple and useful

The foam pad, foam mop or polishing pad It is an essential accessory for polishing machines that is used for cleaning, polishing and polishing on metallic and lacquered surfaces. However, the use of this accessory is mainly intended for the improvement of the paintings in cars.

The different types of pads are designed to carry out specific tasks depending on the state of the area to be treated, they serve to eliminate defects such as small scratches, stains or orange peel in the paint and to give a great shine to the paint. polish cars.

Foam pad

The foam pad They are of great importance because they give a shiny finish to the paint when done with the correct liquid.

In addition, this accessory is characterized by its technical simplicity, since to integrate it to the polisher we only have to place it in the center of a support, and with the disk adapter, fix these two accessories to the nozzle of the machine. The stability of the pad is tested by turning on the device, and if all goes well, then it is ready to perform its functions.

Choosing the correct pad will always depend on the state of the paint. The variety of pads is wide and the abrasiveness of each one must be known and if it coincides with the current state of the car. Failure to use the correct one could ruin the paint.


As has been well pointed out, there are different types of foam pad. The main characteristics of each are described below:

  • Cutting pad: these are responsible for correcting severe damage to the polish cars, are among the first used in the polishing process to remove the highlighting details and gradually polish the vehicle.

Within this category of cut there are them in different formats:

  1. Strong cut, for more conspicuous damage.
  2. Medium defects that can be removed without having to use the strong cutter.
  3. Finished, for minor flaws that come off easily.
  • Strong polishing pad: its porosity is more abrasive than others and is used in a polisher, have a velcro base.
  • Middle pad: it is a pad of medium hardness, with a fine pore.
  • Soft pad: It is quite smooth, it has fine pores for a final polish. Like the others, it includes a velcro closure.
  • Buffing pad– This is used for the final finish of the polishing process.

Also for the pads there are waxes or foams that adapt:

  • Cutting: they have a strong cut and are used with sponges that have the same function.
  • Polished: This is in charge of giving it the polish that the car is looking for, combined of course with the correct pad.
  • Polished: with this the desired shine is achieved.
  • Cerium oxide: It is an ideal powder to remove scratches, since the chemical and physical reaction acts on the surface, eliminating imperfect ones more easily.
Polished cutting foam pad

Polished cutting foam pad

There are also other types of foam pad that can be used for other types of tasks, in addition to polish cars:

  • There is a kit of sponges or pads that serve to polish different surfacesThey also come in various polishing weights. There are sponge and wool ones, being able to polish whatever you need to improve the appearance and the surface.
  • There are some special kits for polishing boats. They have resistant elements designed to work the saltpeter that wears the surface of the boat and give it the desired shine. They usually come in a suitcase kit that allows you to use it step by step depending on your location.
  • Pad for manual use. Also known as tassels, mop or tow, according to many countries, they are comfortable and easy to use, ideal for hand polishing and removing light scratches and other superficial defects in the paint.
  • Lamb leather pad used for professional polishing with a polishing machine. It has the advantage of reducing the temperature in polishing.

How to choose the ideal foam pad to polish your car?

It is important to know how to choose which one pad of foam use for polish cars, but it is also important to consider the polisher to be used.

If you have the concern to see which polisher to use, an electric or a cordless one, in addition to learning what you should take into account when choosing an electric polisher.

You should choose a polisher that offers you the guarantee of its function. If you are going to polish at home, it is advisable not to use a drill or other tool rotation that seems like it can give you the solution, as it could take longer, or worse, ruin the painting.

The foam pad to be used varies according to the condition of the car, normally the pad kits include the following sponges:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Orange

The hardness is chosen according to the condition of the car paint. It is also important to check the thickness of the paint and use it properly.

When using the polisher, it is important not to focus on one place because it could burn the paint, since the rotation and friction between the pad and the paint generate heat. If the temperature rises too much it can damage it.

Take into consideration the following recommendations:

  • Use products suitable for car polishing
  • Use the appropriate pad for the level of paint wear.
  • The discs vary according to the palpable improvement that the surface shows
Polishing discs

Polishing discs

Polishing a car can be a simple, yet arduous, and careful task. Each step must be followed in great detail to avoid mistreatment of the polish cars.

The foam pad it’s pretty smooth And if polishing is used correctly it can be an easy task with satisfactory results.

It is advisable to polish the car frequently for best results. This treatment gives you extra protection that will give your painting more durability.

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