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How to choose pipe wrenches? A guide with practical applications

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As we discussed in a previous technical article, socket wrenches are the tools of greater implementation, when it is required to adjust screws or nuts in any work environment. They are used to carry out the assembly, installation, removal and assembly of devices, equipment, motors, parts and components.

There are many models of pipe wrenches, which have a specific design designed for a specific job or use. Similarly, these valuable tools come in a variety of sizes to work with a wide range of bolts and nuts.

Due to the great variety offered by the socket wrenches, a series of factors must be taken into account that will facilitate the selection of the correct key, when purchasing them. We will indicate a brief guide of what aspects to take into account, to obtain the pipe wrench Ideal according to the work you want to do.

As a main factor we must take into account the type or model of the key, and for what jobs they are suitable according to their design.

Pipe wrench

This type of wrench is designed to tighten or loosen nuts or bolts with a hexagonal shape, which are in places with difficult or restricted access. Especially that they are at a certain depth, that is why the tool It also comes in various lengths.

The size of the wrench varies, and you must select the tool that has the same dimension as the nut with which you want to work.

The socket wrenches Thanks to their design, they facilitate applying greater force to the adjustment of the nuts. This type of wrench has a hole, through which a bar can be inserted that acts as a lever to apply greater force to the turning of the nuts or bolts.

Pipe wrench

pipe wrench

This type of wrench, thanks to its smoker’s pipe shape, is widely used to tighten or loosen nuts in mechanical work on equipment, machinery and vehicles. Its shape with some flex, allows you to access nuts located in places of limited access.

pipe wrench

pipe wrench

Glass Key

These cylindrical keys, have models of 6, 8 and 12 faces, present different sizes and height. According to the type of nut or screw to be rotated, the indicated model must be selected.

On the other hand, this type of key is manufactured in two modalities:

  1. For normal jobs, socket wrenches They are made of chrome vanadium and molybdenum.
  2. For high-effort jobs, they are made of chrome molybdenum, and have a more robust and strong constitution. These are known as impact wrenches, and they are implemented in jobs where the precise adjustment of parts is fundamental and even vital, such as the adjustment of tire nuts.
impact socket

Impact socket wrench – tire lug nut tightening

When selecting the glass Key adequate, the number of faces that the nut or screw to turn has, and the power of the work to be carried out must be considered.

Between the socket wrenches, we can also have some simpler and easier to use keys, which we can consider depending on the task to be carried out.

Straight shank wrenches: Similar to a screwdriver, they are used to make quick and easy adjustments to nuts or bolts. They are very useful in jobs where the use of great force is not required, to turn or adjust. This type of wrench is widely used in adjustments to small pieces of equipment, such as computers.
T-Handle Wrenches: They are a variant of the straight handle wrench. They have a “T” shaped handle, which facilitates the application of force on the nut or screw. T-handle wrenches are widely used to change spark plugs on vehicles.

T handle socket wrench

T handle socket wrench

articulated keys: these keys provide two cups with different measurements, at each of their ends. Its design allows each of the cups to tilt at an angle of 30°, giving you greater access to difficult places.

Safety in the use of socket wrenches

Regarding the security measures to use the socket wrenches, we can mention the following:

  • You must use the pipe wrench, only for the use for which they are designed.
  • The size of the wrench must be exact to that of the nut to be handled. This will prevent wear on the tool and the nut, as well as possible accidents when applying force to the socket wrench.
  • After the work is finished, the faucet must be properly cleaned before it is stored.
  • Keep the keys in an environment without humidity.

Considering mainly the type of key and the work that is required to be done, the selection process of the pipe wrench it will be much easier. This will allow the execution of the work in a safe and effective manner.

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