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How to level and position floating shelves, shelves and brackets correctly?

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The shelves On the walls they have become a popular option in terms of organization and decoration at low cost. They are very versatile and can be placed in practically any environment, not only in the home, such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom or garage, but also in a business or office.

Nowadays we can buy complete kits in hardware stores or hypermarkets that contain wooden, MDF or metal plates, corbels/ brackets and dowels / nylon dowels for quick placement of one or more shelves by a DIY enthusiast.

However, we all know that there is no more unsightly detail than a crooked or misplaced shelf. We must ensure that the alignment between the shelf, wall, floor and / or ceiling is perfect, and for this it is essential to use tools adequate. One solution is to use the well-known bubble level, for example, following a procedure similar to that described in this article. Also, if we are going to install shelves one below the other, we will also need a plumb line to check the vertical alignment between them.

But if we really want to do professional work, even faster and easier, an inexpensive line laser level will become our choice. tool A favorite that will soon displace the spirit level and plumb line. The line laser level projects a vertical and a horizontal line, either simultaneously (crossed lines) or separately, and can be mounted in a fixed position in various ways, so we only have to worry about following the projected lines.

Steps to follow to install a shelf with corbels on a wall

The guide presented below indicates a series of steps to proceed with the installation of one or more shelves fixed with corbels on a wall by using a line laser level. The key to successful placement lies in the perfect alignment of the corbels on which the shelf rests, that is why we must pay special care when placing them.

Step 1

First of all, it is very important to make sure that the drilling we make in the wall to fix the corbels with screws do not affect any type of installation that may be behind the plaster, coating or drywall, such as pipes or electrical wiring.

For this, we can consult the plans of the house, or we can take advantage of the measurement instruments that modern technology offers us using a wall scanner, in order to have full assurance that the place chosen to install the shelf in a place sure.

Step 2

Once we have established the desired location and have verified that it does not hide pipes or cables, the next step is to fix one of the corbels. To do this, we make a first hole with the drill and a drill of the appropriate diameter and insert the plug with the help of a hammer.

Step 3

The corbels They can be of various types, but it is quite possible that the one we are going to install has at least two holes to fix to the wall. Therefore, now that we have the first hole as a reference point, it is necessary that the second hole is plumb with the one already made so as not to install a bracket inclined.

Because of this, it is time to go to our line laser level. To use it, we can mount it on a tripod, or, if it comes equipped with a bracket, we use those provided by the manufacturer, either, depending on the model, the swivel bracket, the universal bracket and / or the bracket to fix to the ceiling.

Once properly assembled, we turn on the levelWe hope that it will level automatically and, as indicated in the instruction manual, we project a vertical line, orienting the level so that the line passes through the hole already made. Then we project the horizontal line, so that it crosses the vertical line right at the hole, as shown in the following figure (hole 1).

Bracket Placement – Using the Laser Level

Thus we will have not only the indicated direction to drill the second hole of the first bracket (hole 2 in the figure), but also the direction of the upper hole of the second bracket (hole 3). Now we only have to mark with a pencil the exact height of hole 2, as we see in the figure below.

Bracket Leveling - Using the Laser Level

Bracket Leveling – Using the Laser Level

Step 4

We drill the second hole of the first bracket (hole 2 in the previous figure) and insert the plug. If we wish, we can install the first one bracket securing it to the wall with the corresponding screws.

Step 5

Following the horizontal laser line, we choose the point to drill the upper hole of the second bracket (hole 3). This choice will be based on the spacing between corbels suitable for the length of the shelf and for the weight it will bear. Once the place has been determined and without departing from the horizontal line projected by the laser level, we make the corresponding perforation and insert the plug.

Step 6

Now we move the laser level slightly, so that the vertical line crosses the horizontal line right at hole 3 that we just made. Following this vertical line, we mark with the pencil the exact height of the lower hole of the second bracket.

Step 7

We drill the bottom hole of the second bracket and we insert the plug. Then we screw the second bracket and in this way we will have the certainty that both corbels they are perfectly aligned with each other on the wall, as well as with respect to the floor and ceiling.

Step 8

Finally we place the shelf about the corbels and we screw it to these with the blind screws or the lag screws that come in the kit or that we purchase separately.

If the shelf is long, for example, if it is more than 1 meter or is going to support a considerable weight, it is advisable to install a third bracket. To do this we proceed exactly as we did for the two previous brackets.

If we want to install more shelves, the procedure to follow is also the same. We can combine them with each other or with paintings, coat racks, decorative objects or whatever our imagination suggests, as shown in the following images, which gives us an idea, in all cases, of the great utility provided by a laser level with crossed lines. .

Of course, the variety of shelves is considerable and perhaps instead of a shelf with corbels we want to install one or more of the modern floating shelves, increasingly widely used for its comfort, ease of installation and aesthetics, no longer use corbels nor any visible fasteners.

Leveling Floating Shelves - Using the Laser Level

Leveling Floating Shelves – Using the Laser Level

For example, many floating shelves made of wood consist of two parts: an internal structure with holes to be fixed to the wall with screws and an external sliding cover, as we can see in the figure below.

Structure of a floating laser level - Using the laser level

Structure of a floating laser level – Using the laser level

In fact, the use of a line laser level is ideal for installing a floating shelf, and even simpler than if we used corbels. Let’s see what the procedure is this time.

Steps to follow to install a floating shelf on a wall

Step 1

We previously check the wall proceeding in the same way as indicated in the previous case.

Step 2

We assemble the laser level as in the previous case and we project only the horizontal laser line in the place and at the desired height.

Step 3

We disassemble the floating shelf and we place the internal structure on the horizontal line. With a pencil we mark on the wall, following the laser line, the holes that the internal structure contains.

Step 4

With the drill and the appropriate bit, we make the holes on the pencil marks, place the dowels and firmly screw the internal structure to the wall. In this way, we will check that the horizontal line of the internal structure is perfectly aligned with the projected laser line.

Step 5

We mount the cover of the shelf on the internal structure already fixed to the wall and thus, in just a few steps, we will have a practical shelf placed.

We can place as many floating shelves as we want and allow the space, proceeding with each one in the same way that we have just described, with which we can obtain, for example, a decoration like the one shown in the figure, where, in this case, the vertical laser line will serve us to check the correct vertical alignment of all shelves.

Placing Floating Shelves - Using the Laser Level

Placing Floating Shelves – Using the Laser Level

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