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How to maximize the use of a pressure washer? Recommended uses and applications.

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To carry out the cleaning of a wide variety of areas or items in a practical, efficient and easy way, nothing better than having the power and power of a pressure washer. Of course, do we really know how many possibilities it offers, how to use it correctly and maximize its use? In this article we will develop what recommendations we must take into account and what are the scope of this tool.

It is well known that with the assistance of a traditional garden hose, cleaning of areas and objects cannot be done efficiently. This is mainly due to the fact that this type of hose does not have the proper pressure. In comparison, a pressure washer provides the power required to perform the desired cleaning, when washing a vehicle, cleaning terraces, curtains, containers, among many other cleaning activities.

In this article we will introduce some of the most useful applications of a pressure washer, as well as some other details concerning this powerful working instrument. On the other hand, in this article we also review the 10 things to know about this versatile tool.

Applications of a pressure washer

The field of application of a pressure washer is very broad, and is basically determined by the power and scope of the tool. Among the most common applications we can mention those related to cleaning at home:

House facade cleaning

The pressure washer is the tool ideal for clearing all dirt, stains and any other element unrelated to the main facade and exterior of the home.
The application of this tool is perfect for brick or stone clad facades, and it is also very useful for cleaning before touching up the paint on the walls. The pressure washer It can be applied to all external walls of the building, as long as the steps to follow for its use are taken into account.
The pressure set for the water must be taken into account before starting to use the tool. You must be careful when applying it on glass windows, or any other material that can be damaged by water pressure. You must be careful not to apply it on electrical connections and protect any element that requires it.

Cleaning fences and bars

Gates, fences, or gates in the home can be difficult to clean, generally due to their complex design and length.
For these cases the pressure washer it is a great help, since it can clean any space no matter how small or complicated it is designed.

Simply set the appropriate water pressure and apply it directly to the most difficult to reach areas, as well as to those areas where the dirt is more concentrated. If necessary, you can use one of the nozzles to increase the pressure.

Cleaning concrete paths or roads

In the external areas, the moss and other external elements tend to cover and adhere to the concrete surfaces, making it difficult to clean and maintain them.

With the use of the pressure washer In just minutes, you can perform a deep cleaning and get a neat, uncluttered appearance from concrete walkways or walkways.
In these cases, the moss is an element that not only accumulates in thick layers on the surface, but also penetrates the pores of the slabs, so it is recommended to use the pressure washer with the use of a nozzle to increase the impact of the water. Apply the high pressure jet at an almost right angle on the slab and move from one side to the other smoothly, keeping a distance of 20-30 cm, between the water and the slab.

Pressure Washer- Cleaning of concrete roads

Pressure Washer - Cleaning of concrete paths

Pressure Washer – Cleaning of concrete paths

Cleaning of all types of vehicles

To wash vehicles, use the pressure washer it is perfect. Regardless of the model, type or size of the car or vehicle, cleaning it can be done quickly and easily, using the accessories and accessories indicated.

The first step to carry out is the removal of the major dirt using the high pressure jet. Next, spray the bumper, front grill, and windshield using the appropriate cleaning agent, which you can apply using the detergent container on the tool. To wash the rims, apply the corresponding cleaning agent, with medium water pressure. Then moisten the body of the vehicle with the indicated detergent, using the special nozzle and let it act for a short time. Finally, clean the vehicle from the bottom up to get the most out of the detergent you applied.

Pressure Washer - Vehicle Wash

Pressure Washer – Vehicle Wash

With the proper pressure, the pressure washer It can also be used to wash motorcycles, bicycles, and even children’s tricycles.

Pressure Washer - Motorcycle Washing

Pressure Washer – Motorcycle Washing

Garden cleaning

Due to being exposed to the elements and to climatic agents and changes, garden furniture, even some children’s toys, can present unsightly stains.

To ensure cleanliness and removal of stains, the pressure washer provides the ideal option. With the use of a suitable detergent and if required with an additional brush, you can completely remove traces of dirt on all garden furniture and toys.

Other items that you can clean quickly and effectively with the pressure washer, Are the tools and garden items, such as shovels, flowerpots, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.

Cleaning of blinds

To effectively clean the blinds, first proceed by closing the blinds completely. Then proceed to configure the pressure washer andn low pressure to use detergent. Starting from the top end and working your way down, let the cleaner act for a minute or two until it dissolves the dirt. You can use the brush to remove dirt and rinse with high pressure water.

Cleaning clogged pipes

Other very useful applications of the pressure washers, is the cleaning of clogs of gutters, bathroom pipes and even sewers.

Simply introduce the pressure jet into the blocked pipe, press the trigger of the gun, the nozzles with the water jet directed forward help to move the hose through the pipe and eliminate the obstruction. Once the nozzles reach the point where the obstruction is, pull and release the gun several times, until the pipe is clean and free.

Cleaning of tanks and garbage containers

Place the container or can on its side resting on the ground, proceed to clean the sides from the top, using the high pressure water jet and at an angle. Then lift the can and clean the bottom or base, in this way avoid splashing.
To make the task even easier, you can use the high pressure nozzle.

Other applications of the pressure washer

Outside the home area, there are also some ideal applications of the pressure washer.

Boat cleaning

To remove algae and barnacles from the hull or deck of any boat, the use of a pressure washer is the perfect solution. You can use a brush if necessary to obtain a surface free of external agents, and totally shiny.

In the service area

The pressure washer It can be used in car washes, to clean and maintain air conditioners, to clean pipes, pipes and drains.

In the transportation area

It can be used to wash trucks, gandolas, buses and any other heavy vehicle.

In the construction area

The pressure washer It can be used for cleaning construction site machinery, cleaning facades, cleaning floors and windows, as well as cleaning monuments and other works.

In the area of ​​the food industry

It can be used in the cleaning and disinfection of chicken farms, cleaning and disinfection of pig buildings, in wineries to clean the barrels where the wine will be stored, among others.

In the agricultural area

In this area, the pressure washer It can be used for the cleaning of tractors, cleaning of agricultural machinery, cleaning of livestock with certain precautions, as well as in the fertilization of plants.

In workshops

They are used to clean mud or grease, cleaning all kinds of work pieces, to remove old paint or degrease surfaces to be painted.

When using a pressure washer, it is very important that the following indications are taken into account:

  • Do not use the pressure washer with flammable liquids.
  • Do not direct the water jet against people, animals, components or electrical installations.
  • Do not allow untrained persons or children to operate the equipment.
  • In case of rain, do not use the pressure washer outdoor.
  • Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry or accessories that could become trapped, during start-up or operation of the tool.
  • You should never touch the outlet with wet hands.
  • Do not use the equipment if the power cord is damaged.
  • You should never expose parts of your body to high pressure stream of water.
  • Always wear eye protection when using the pressure washer or when approaching a place where it is being used.
  • Before starting the pressure washer and while operating, hold the lance and pistol firmly.
  • Never use the tool with pressure values ​​higher than its range.
  • Never move the pressure washer pulling the hoses or their cables.
  • Before using the equipment, check the high pressure hose and make sure it is not damaged. If there is damage, replace the hose immediately.
  • Never use the pressure washer while on a ladder. Use an extension tube.
  • Always remember when operating a pressure washer, that the highest impact pressure is located near the nozzle. For this reason, you should move the water jet closer when you need to remove strongly adhering dirt, and farther away when trying to remove light dirt or when cleaning a delicate surface.
  • After you finish your task, you should allow the equipment to dry completely, unplug any accessories you have used, clean and dry these. Once all the pieces are found and the tool completely dry, you should proceed to store them in an orderly manner.

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