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How to Solder with Silver?

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The silver solder It can be used in the manufacture of electrical material, handicrafts, jewelry and when greater resistance is required than that obtained with the addition of tin. The silver alloy solder It can be considered as a capillary welding.

solder with silver it has a high approval for delicate works thanks to the special conditions that they have to be very durable and strong; Due to this context that characterizes it, it is used to weld other metals.

We found two types of silver solder, brazing, and soft. The first is identified by its high melting point and is an alloy made up of silver, copper and zinc, and the second with a low melting point contains silver, copper, zinc and not very often small amounts of tin.

Brazing is required for joining parts that must withstand mechanical stress or considerably high temperatures. Soft soldering is used more frequently in coalitions where the parts should not be exposed to great stress and where only the joining of the parts is relevant.

Its preparation is recommended for those people accustomed to metal casting. In a different context, it is more convenient and safer to purchase solder ready for use.

If you want to do brazing with silver, you should get a good gas and air pressure or oxyhydrogen torch for autogenous, since torches with lower calorie performance make the welding task unsafe and quite laborious; unlike when the desired temperature is available and this allows you to modulate at will, welding will be a delight due to the safety with which it is carried out.

To carry out this welding, used for pieces of silver, bronze, iron, brass, copper and different metals, you must have some refractory bricks or an asbestos sheet one centimeter thick on the work surface. This is what is recommended, otherwise there are certain people who can replace these elements with others that have similar efficiency to prevent the spread of heat emanating from the torch.

We take it for granted that the other workshop instruments that are essential to smooth and rub the metal, such as tweezers or elements necessary to contain the pieces, are taken into account within what is missing to perform the required silver soldering.

Silver soldering can also be used to join metal tools such as band saws, although the best solution for this is to use butt soldering.

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