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How to use an Axe?

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A axe It is a cutting tool composed of a thick steel or iron blade with a straight or curved edge, and a handle placed in a bucket that is located on the opposite side of the edge. Its purpose is to cut objects by multiple blows. Currently, there are axes Made entirely of steel, both the cutting head and the handle.

Currently the axes they are mostly used by lumberjacks, as a tool to cut trees, wood or firewood. But the origin of this tool dates back to prehistory, when the ancient settlers made their axes with sharp stones attached to pieces of wood, and used them as combat weapons, for hunting wild animals and even to fight in wars.

In the Bronze Age they began to be made of metallic materials such as copper, but basically they followed the same assembly pattern of the old manufacturing. Axes were used as weapons for warriors in different cultures such as Greece, Egypt and Rome. These weapons were used until the 17th century.

Types of Axes

The commercialization of this tool has created different standards of axes, which have received their own names, to adapt to the current needs of the user. In general, these types of axes are:

  1. Small Axes: Are axes short handle, which facilitate handling and transport. They are generally for domestic use, as they can be used both in the kitchen of the house and in green areas of home spaces.
  2. Tala Axes: Are axes heavier, with longer handles and thinner cutting edges. These features make cutting this ax more accurate and easier to achieve. Similarly, they are more dangerous if not used properly.
  3. Breaker Axes: Are axes They have a wedge-shaped cutting head to facilitate penetration into the wood. This feature makes the wood break more easily.

There are other types of axes, because this is a tool that has been changing since its inception to adapt to our needs. Today we can find types of axes related to felling trees, domestic use, cutting firewood, pruning, etc. We can find felling axes of the German, Canadian, French type.

The manufacturing materials of the handles are usually made of wood, generally ash or walnut, but there are also handles made of fiberglass, steel, etc.

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