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How to use anti-filling sandpaper for wood correctly?

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Sanding is an essential task in any painting or wood finishing job. If you want to achieve a perfect wood finish, proper sanding is necessary, applying the tools and corresponding techniques.

To work with the sanding of wood there are different types of sandpaper, but in this article we will be talking about the anti-fill sandpaper and how they should be used to obtain the desired results.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the anti-fill sandpaper They come in sandpaper presentation and discs for use with electric machines such as orbital sanders.

Let’s learn a little about the anti-fill sandpaper.

Sandpaper for wood

This type of sandpaper incorporates a new technology in its design that avoids the filling of the sandpaper. In this way, it allows the sanding work to be a simpler, more precise and lasting experience.

Sandpapers with anti-clogging technology provide a great relationship between the percentage of wood removal and the useful life of the sandpaper. They are typically made with a multi-purpose aluminum oxide grain and B-weight latex-blended paper for superior flexibility without the danger of paper tearing.

The anti-fill sandpaper for wood, are specially designed for the furniture industry Y lumber. They are indicated for dry sanding fillers, paints, varnishes, lacquers and wood in general.

Sandpaper antipaste for sanding furniture

How to make correct use of anti-filling sandpaper for wood?

To sand any wooden surface with the anti-filling sandpaper You must make longitudinal movements on said surface, in such a way that the grainy part of the sandpaper rubs against the area to be worked on. When it comes to polishing wood, you should apply the sanding by means of movements that follow the direction of the wood grain, this with the aim that the nature of the material contributes to obtaining a better and faster polish.

If the surface to work on is small, it will be enough to apply pressure manually with the sandpaper on the area. In case more pressure is required in a uniform way, it is advisable to use a flat piece or a wooden block as a base for the sandpaper.

Likewise, you can use the anti-filling sandpaper in disc version for electric sanders. With these machines the work on the piece to be sanded is more efficient and faster.

Additional Tips

exist anti-fill sandpaper with different grain numbers, so you must choose the sandpaper with the appropriate grain, according to the task to be performed. For example, to carry out roughing work, coarse grain sandpaper should be used, and to carry out wood touch-up work, fine grain sandpaper should be used.

If you want to remove excess paint from the wood, it is recommended to use coarse sandpaper to smooth the surface. Subsequently, a medium grain sandpaper should be used and to finish, a very fine grain sandpaper is used.

In the case of sanding curved surfaces, a anti-filling sandpaper with paper combined with latex will be the ideal option. This combination of materials allows curved areas to be worked without any problem, and without the danger of the sandpaper breaking or tearing.

Safety tips when sanding

Although sanding work is a simple job to perform, it is necessary to take some preventive measures for both hand sanding and power sanding. machines.

  • Whether sanding manually or with a sander, it is advisable to protect your eyes from dust with protective glasses.
  • If the sander is used without a dust extraction system, the use of the mask is necessary. It should be noted that there are some woods that cause allergies.
  • The sanding machine must be held properly with both hands during work.
  • To perform a sandpaper change, you must completely unplug the sander.
  • Additionally, the standard safety measures for all power tools must be respected: do not place it near sources of moisture or heat, do not pull the power cord, do not leave it on, do not allow use by untrained people, etc.

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