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How to use the press or spiral compressor?

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Scroll presses or compressors are tools very useful, especially in the automotive area. Vehicle shock absorbers require a tool special to be withdrawn and replaced, and that is where a spiral press.

Compressors are usually made of steel with a special hardening treatment, to provide greater resistance.

In this post we will tell you how to make use of a manual spiral press.

universal coil spring compressor

How to make use of the press or spiral compressor?

  • Place the top hooks of the press on one of the curves of the spiral, making sure the hooks fit snugly against the spiral.
  • Do the same with the bottom hook of the vise at one of the bends on the opposite end.
  • Repeat these two steps with the other clamp, on the opposite side of the coil. That is, the spiral will be pressed on two sides with the pair of manual presses.
  • Once the presses are properly located on the coil, you begin the pressing process. For this you can use a 24mm combination wrench, which will allow you to thread the nut of the presses, located on the upper hook. By threading this nut, you make the upper hook slide through the vise rod, putting pressure on the spiral.
  • You must do this pressure in a balanced way on each side of the spiral. That is, you must screw the nut of both presses alternately, so that the spiral is compacted to the level you want.
  • The pressure must be done alternately on both sides of the spiral, to avoid an overexertion of one of the presses and a possible accident.
spiral press

spiral press

Safety tips when using a spiral press

Before you start using the spiral press, it is recommended that you apply the following safety tips:

  • Validates that the presses to be used are in excellent condition.
  • Verify that the gland nut threads properly.
  • Make sure the vise hooks can fit the coil without any problems.
  • Wear safety gloves to protect your hands.
  • Make use of safety glasses, it does not hurt either.
  • Do not wear clothing or accessories that could get entangled in the spiral or the dam.
  • Work in a clear, unobstructed area.
spiral press

spiral press

Bearing these indications in mind, you will be able to make correct use of a spiral press. Also remember to read the user manual and if in doubt, try to contact the manufacturer!

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