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How to use the Spatulas?

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The spatulas They are hand tools generally used for scraping various materials.

The spatula It consists of two pieces, firmly joined: a handle and the flat metal blade, which is usually made of stainless steel. The blade generally has a uniform and straight ending, in V (sharp), but it does not always have this uniform ending, since we have spatulas of the toothed or toothed type, called glue scrapers. Also, we will find spatulas with plastic blades or with a plastic handle, generally used for occasional household work.

The spatulas They vary in width. They generally range from 1” (25.4 mm) to 7”, finding spatulas even wider.

The thickness of the sheet or foil also varies. It all depends on the use that will be given to the spatula. We generally use them to remove old layers of paint, but they also have a very precise use: distribute and smooth surfaces with plaster, filler, putty, etc. They also serve to remove any foreign element from a surface (rust, glue, etc.), cover cracks, grooves, etc.

Recommendations for the use of the spatula

  • Although it is a tool that does not seem to be dangerous, we must be careful with the metal sheet, since it could cause us a cut.
  • After using it, we recommend cleaning it, removing all the material that could remain, since otherwise, the next time we use it to smooth a surface, we will have streaks.
  • After cleaning, dry it and in the event that we do not use it in a short period, oil the blade.
  • If we must fill or level a surface, for example 1” wide, it is recommended to use a spatula wider, so that the edges of the sheet rest on the even surfaces and thus achieve a flat and uniform surface.
  • If we have to fill deep holes or large surfaces, it gives very good results to start with the filling up to a certain point, let it dry and then repeat the operation until the necessary height is achieved.

types of spatulas

There are different types of spatulas, highlighting the following models:

  • Straight Blade Spatula: They are used to apply materials (plaster, plaster, putty) on small surfaces, or to fill and cover small cracks, crevices or imperfections. They are also the most used when removing layers of old paint or remains of wallpaper.
  • Spatulas with triangular shaped blade: they are used especially for moldings, since they allow us easy access to areas with pronounced slopes.
  • Scrapers or scraper: are spatulas with the sheet in rectangular form and of great size. They are used for the application of materials in holes or cracks of considerable sizes.


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