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Inspection cameras. How to easily and quickly document hard-to-reach electrical points?

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The inspection camera or borescope constitutes a tool professional, easy to use, versatile and highly useful in the field of mechanics, plumbing, installation and also in the field of electrical work.

The design of these tools de trabajo is focused on facilitating the execution of the task for professionals in multiple applications, implementing new technologies to take full advantage of all the advantages and benefits they offer. Within the wide range of possibilities, we will address in this article a question that is often presented: How to document difficult electrical access points?

Inspection chamber design

The design of the inspection cameras it is compact to provide easy handling and control, and additionally they have a completely ergonomic handle that facilitates its grip. It is also very important to know how to choose it, a topic that we have already covered in a previous article.

On the other hand, one of the main objectives of these work instruments is to allow inspection of places with restricted access in a practical, simple way, while collecting all the information necessary to document the review carried out. Taking all this into account, the technology implemented in the design of these useful measurement and control tools has endowed it with several functions and features that allow it to achieve its objective efficiently.

Inspection Camera Bosch GIC 120

Among the main characteristics and functions of the inspection cameras We have the following, which vary according to the chosen model:

Information icons and buttons: the Inspection Camera It has the necessary buttons identified according to their function. In addition, it shows on the screen the iconography that shows in a practical and summarized way the relevant information about the tool, such as: the date, time and battery status.

Screen: some models have a 3.5 ”screen, which allows to obtain an optimal visualization of the inspected area. The sharpness and quality of the image provide the possibility of observing every detail of the area under verification.

Led: As a supporting function for viewing the area to be inspected, the camera is equipped with a bright and powerful light, to achieve excellent illumination.

Digital zoom: Another complementary function for observing the inspected area is the digital zoom. This function allows you to get close-ups of the area, to detail the points of interest.

Up is up: Some manufacturers incorporate this orientation function that rotates the image projected on the screen, to prevent the image from being upside down regardless of the camera being upside down.

Camera: The camera has a small head, measuring 8.5mm in diameter for easy access anywhere. It is also important to take into account the length of the cable to use it efficiently. Additionally, the camera has a rapid removal technology connector, which allows it to be disconnected from the instrument easily and safely.

Dual power supply: to provide options when supplying the power to the inspection instrument, some models can work using the 10.8V battery or 4 AA batteries.

Documentation: one of the main and most important functions of the borescope, is capturing images and videos. These graphic supports can be stored on the instrument’s memory card, to later be transferred to a computer or a mobile device, through the tool’s MicroUSB cable. Additionally, graphic records can be dated, to be stored in chronological order, which would facilitate analysis and progress reports.
This function of the inspection cameras, allows to obtain truthful, reliable and robust information from the facilities or inspected areas, quickly and safely, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain.


Boroscope – Data Transfer

Use of inspection cameras in electrical work

Thanks to its design, all its functions and characteristics, the inspection cameras They constitute a valuable and powerful tool for carrying out surveys or verifications in electrical areas or installations, especially those with difficult access.

Most of the electrical points are located behind walls, which makes their revision difficult and therefore the diagnosis or detection of a problem. The same happens with electrical panels, and the problem increases if they are large.

With the use of inspection cameras, electrical professionals can without any inconvenience, in a practical, fast and easy way, verify the status of the electrical point or system, even if it is of restricted access.

Simply bend the end of the camera cable a little, and proceed to introduce it through an opening or space that allows you to reach the area you want to inspect. If you need to go deeper into the area under review, you just have to continue inserting the camera cable, until you get the necessary range. Depending on the work being carried out, the recognition information can be recorded through video or photographs, and if a detailed record is desired, it is only enough to include the images the date and time determined in the work instrument.
If required, you can choose to turn on the camera’s LED, as well as to use the zoom option, to detail any area of ​​relevance during the inspection.

Once all the information on the inspected electrical installation has been collected, the information is transferred to a computer or mobile device, to analyze the information collected.

The images will be able to indicate where the problem is located, they will be able to help you to identify which parts of the point or electrical panel are damaged or disconnected, which elements show deterioration, which components need to be replaced, and all the inconveniences that the electrical installation presents.

On the other hand, with the use of the Inspection Camera They will be able to carry out periodic reviews, which will help you to monitor the behavior of a specific element of the panel or electrical point. This in order to determine if said element presents an erroneous behavior that may affect the operation of the complete circuit.

All this work with the help of borescope, will allow you to carry out your task in a considerably less time, with a higher level of security and with a low investment of money.

Undoubtedly, this tool represents a great ally for carrying out work in different disciplines, as well as in the field of electricity.

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