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Introduction to edgers

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The edger is a cutting machine used in gardening. This machine is used to cut or prune the garden obtaining a beautiful professional appearance without investing a lot of money, since it is used to separate the lawn from a sidewalk. The edgers They keep grass and weeds from invading the sidewalk or driveway so that the garden looks good all season long, and there are a variety of applications and functions for them.


In general, the edger It is a machine that is used to trim the edges of the garden. That is, this element separates the weeds and grass from the sidewalk or driveway in order to give the garden a beautiful and easy-to-see appearance. In addition, you can use this tool for the decoration of parks and gardens, to border the sowing of the ornamental plants of the grass or lawn of the rest of the garden. The edger is a tool Lightweight whose operation is very practical and simple.

Edger – Application

Edger types

The edgers They are motorized tools, the same that can be gasoline and electric, the latter are available in models with an electric cord or with batteries:

Gasoline edger

This type of edger It has an emission motor of the highest durability, so its use is more feasible in large areas. Can be used in rugged areas to cut tough grass and shrubs. It comprises a gasoline engine that propels a rotating blade endorsed to an adjustable handle for operation. One of its main characteristics is that it increases mobility and work performance.

The edger with a fuel engine, they constitute a model with greater power and greater performance than electric models. These can be of two kinds:

  • 2-stroke engine: They are recommended for domestic use, either in gardens or small parks. As in the case of 2-stroke engines, these edgers They require a mixture of oil and gasoline to operate, so they can usually require a bit more maintenance than electric models. These tools are easy-start machines, and those with a rope start make it even faster.
  • 4-stroke engine: they are the ideal and cleanest choice for large jobs or commercial applications. Additionally, since they do not need a mixture of oil and gasoline, they provide greater fuel efficiency and more performance, which makes them reliable and powerful tools to do all types of work.

Electric edger

Although a little less powerful than the fuel models, they are more environmentally friendly, very practical and cheaper.

  • Corded Electric Edgers:This type of edger is suitable for working in a small garden with grass or fine brush. The electric edger includes a cord retention system preventing it from being accidentally disconnected during operation. It’s less noisy, it’s lighter, and its vibration is lower than gasoline edgers. They are ecological, since they have a much lower percentage of environmental impact, and also require less maintenance. Of course, the scope of the work area is limited by the length of the electrical cable, which generally measures between 30 and 45 meters.
  • Battery-powered electric edgers:this kind of edger It provides much more freedom when moving around the work area. And like the corded model, it is environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance. Although many experts claim that edgers battery packs have little power and do not justify the extra expense of purchasing a tool wireless. But this is not so true, since the newer models incorporate universal batteries that guarantee a powerful, safe and long operation. So, as in the previous case, if we have a small green space without bushes, tall grass or weeds, and if we do not have a nearby electrical current, the edgers battery can be our best choice.
Corded Electric Edger

Corded Electric Edger

Parts of an edger

This is a simple composition tool, but one that nevertheless needs to be repaired by professional experts. Below we will show each of its components in detail.

Edger - components

Edger – components


Before starting the operation of these machines it is advisable to bear in mind the following:

  • Read and follow the instructions in the manual before application.
  • Check all its parts to make sure they are in good condition
  • Before starting work, branches, stones and any other object must be separated so that they are not caught and expelled by the cutter blades. This could injure bystanders.

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