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Introduction to Electric Concrete Mixers

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The concrete mixer It is a machine used for the manufacture of mortar and concrete, after mixing different components such as aggregates of different sizes, water and cement, basically. It is a machinery specially designed for the field of construction. It is made up of a body and a cylindrical container that rotates with great force transmitted by an electric motor.

The electric concrete mixers They have the controls in the form of a button or push button. It is necessary to take care of its installation in order to avoid further damage or injury, thus avoiding accidental activation of the start-up switches and easy operation of the stop buttons. The push buttons should not be next to the engine, but preferably on the outside, in an easily accessible place, away from the transmission belt from the engine to the cylinder. It will only be possible to place the start-up switch next to the transmission belt if it is fully protected.

The start and stop buttons will be properly separated so as not to confuse them when turning them on. In the event that there are more buttons for the different gears of the concrete mixer, these will be next to the start-up. The stop button will be distinguished from all the others by its distance from them and will be red.

Concrete mixer

In the concrete mixer Indirect contact means contact between a part of a worker’s body and masses accidentally energized as a result of an insulation fault.

Ground refers to the accessible metal parts or pieces of electrical equipment, or in contact with it, which are normally not under voltage, but which may be if an insulation fault occurs.

Recommendations for use of the concrete mixer:

  • It is vitally important to train the operator who will handle the concrete mixer electrical.
  • The operator must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You must keep work areas clean and orderly.
  • It is advisable to avoid the presence of electrical cables close to the work area.
  • The moving parts of the concrete mixer such as belts or sprockets must be protected.
  • Maintenance of the machine should be carried out periodically.
  • Make the connection of the concrete mixer electrical with anti-humidity hose.
  • The connection must be ensured, as well as periodically verifying the correct operation of the ground connection.
  • It is recommended the use of adequate clothing as a safety and protection measure such as glasses, gloves, rubber boots and clothing that is not too loose that can be caught by moving elements.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a concrete mixer

When buying one of these machines, certain aspects and characteristics must be considered to make the best decision. We will indicate some of the most relevant aspects:

Electric motors can be single-phase or three-phase. This point is important, since when purchasing one of these machines, the connection we have must be taken into account. Also, the hp of the motors vary. The more hp, the better performance. There are also concrete mixers with explosion engines, in the event that we do not have electricity.

Another point to keep in mind when buying a concrete mixer, is the capacity of the cylindrical drum and the actual mixing capacity, as well as the diameter of the mouth (through which it is fed and the materials are introduced). There are metal drums and other plastic ones. On the other hand, there are also metal drums with double welding (reinforced welding).

Additionally, we can find two types of concrete mixers: the classic (wheelbarrow type) and the dump. The selection of the type of concrete mixer It will depend on the mobility required during the execution of the work. There are also the concrete mixer trucks, which are used for large-scale jobs.

Types of Concrete Mixers

Types of Concrete Mixers

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