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Introduction to the Ax

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Currently, the axe It is a very common tool, and also for domestic use. In our houses we will use it as a cutting or pruning tool. Use a axe It can be a simple task, but if we don’t know how to do it, it can, in addition to the fact that we will not achieve our proposed objective, cause harm to ourselves or to third parties.

How to use a axe?

  • When we use the axe we must do it at an angle of approximately 45º to 60º.
  • We must hold the axe of the handle with enough force to ensure that it will not suddenly release.
  • We must always fix our eyes on the place where we are making the cut. In this way we will have a better efficiency in the blows.
  • Harmony should be maintained in the rhythm of cuts, it is not recommended to start at a fast pace because that way the physical effort will increase and we will get tired before finishing our work.

Safety recommendations for using a axe

  • The axe It should be held firmly as this will prevent us from causing damage to our hands.
  • We must always keep our fingers or any part of the body at a safe distance from the direction of the blow. axe.
  • We have to review the state in which the axe, both in the part of the edge and in the part of the handle. If the ax is not in good condition, it is recommended not to use it, since we can run the risk of hurting ourselves or others.
  • If we have people around us, we must make sure that they are at least 10 meters away.
  • We should always have a specific place nearby to leave the axe. This can be a dry log or any safe place where we can leave our tools.
  • The cape of axe It must be the one that corresponds, since otherwise, when making the cut, the part of the edge could be fired.
  • manipulate the axe carefully. Not only is it a cutting element but it is also a weighted element.
  • We should never throw a axe and much less if what we try is to give him the axe to another person.
  • The user’s concentration when handling a axe It is extremely important, because on this depends not only the success of his work, but also that he and third parties do not suffer physical damage, in addition to keeping the tool in good condition.

Note: We must always be aware that the axe It is a dangerous tool and its use should be only for work tasks.

Below is a practical guide for use and recommendations when handling a axe and preserve its good condition. Do you want to know more about axe? Don’t miss our note axes (click).

how to use an ax

How is an ax made?

Below we present a complete video in which the manufacture of the ax is explained

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