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Introduction to the Comparator Clock

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The dial gauge, also called dial comparator, is an ideal tool to compare, that is, to check the axes of the pieces that are placed. They even serve to classify them, making known the differences between each of them. It is an instrument that is used to measure and is used mostly in industries.

The dial gauge it can be as accurate to both hundredths and thousandths of an inch.

Its operation is based on continuing the movement of the clock hand, which must be circular, and not linear, as can be shown at the beginning.

The way to read this comparator watch is simple, because like a normal watch, it has two hands, which start at the zero position. The difference is that you must measure when both hands are in the middle of two divisions.

Comparator Watch Accessories

Among its main support accessories are:

  • Magnetic holder or magnetic base. This will allow it to be placed anywhere on the machine, which will be easily connected to the axis of the clock to measure the desired part.
  • Universal support. It is a straight base without much height.
  • Stand with table. This base is on a loft and is used only for comparative measurements.

Referential measurements

The comparator watch is used mostly for what are the reference measurements and not the precise measurements. That means that it looks for a benchmark in most cases against the smallest measure in order to determine the others.

The surfaces where the watch is placed to measure are not always flat and straight. Sometimes they are diagonal. Here the dial gauge must be placed in the lowest part so that, when sliding it, there is a measurement reference.

Comparator Clock Types

  • Digital dial gauge. It has the benefit of having its digital screen, to see the measurements, both in digital and analog format. Although its shape does not vary from the traditional clock, it is more practical when you want to download the data obtained, since it can be connected to a computer through a USB port.
  • Alesometer. Its type of measurement is both digital and analog, but it is differential in millimeters from a few to several hundred.

Below, different types and accessories of dial gauges and a video of a dial gauge operation

types of dial gauges

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