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Introduction to the Welding Torch

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The welding torch It is an instrument that is constituted by a tube which receives, through one of its ends, oxygen and fuel gas, and that launches a flame through the other end. We remember what we have already exposed in this article about the parts of a blowtorch It consists of a body with two inlet valves, a mixer, and an outlet nozzle. It is used to firmly join objects of different materials through heat.

Function and Uses of the Welding Torch

The function of blowtorch is to mix and control the flow of gases that are necessary to produce a flame. By dosing the gases and mixing them, the right fire is obtained to carry out the welding.

The use given to blowtorch It is for joining, cutting and heating different metal parts.

Types of Welding Torches

The welding torches They are classified into two types: the injector and the mixer.

Injector Torch: this blowtorch, also known as medium pressure, requires that the supplied gases be of a pressure greater than 1 psi. In the case of acetylene, the pressure to be used must be between 1 and 5 psi. These requirements are due to security measures.

Mixing Torch: this type of blowtorch It works with a low pressure of acetylene (less than 1 psi) and the oxygen that is supplied must have a pressure between 10 and 40 psi. This can increase depending on the size of the nozzle. The operation is based on the union of acetylene and oxygen before it leaves through the nozzle of the blowtorch.

There is a certain advantage of blowtorch mixer type over injector type, since the former adjusts more quickly and is less prone to flashbacks.

How should the Welding Torch be used?

First: connect the blowtorch with a flexible hose to the gas cylinder regulator. You must ensure that all connections are properly closed to prevent fluid leaks.

Second: Open the cylinder valve slowly. Then open the regulator valve and the torch valve to allow enough gas flow to light the flame.

Security advice

It is very important that all its elements, gas bottle, hose and blowtorchcomply with the appropriate security measures. You should always use this tool correctly. You should turn it off when not in use and keep it away from any heat source. Check that the hoses are not dry or broken.

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