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Introduction to universal coil spring compressor

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among the various tools designed for use in auto mechanic workshops, we can find the spiral press. Also known in some countries as spring compressor or springs, this work instrument greatly facilitates the task of professional mechanics.

What is a universal coil spring compressor or coil press?

are kind of tool that allows to carry out the work of dismantling, changing and repairing the shock absorbers of the vehicles. Is tool provides the appropriate help to be able to carry out these tasks easily, quickly and, above all, safely.

Changing shock absorbers without the use of spiral press, it can result in quite dangerous and difficult work. The shock absorber coils or springs are under great tension, and trying to remove them without the tool properly, accidents can occur. Hence, the great need and importance of making proper use of universal compressors.

Coil press or universal coil spring compressor

Types of spiral presses

There are various types and models of universal spring compressors that must be considered when acquiring the most suitable for the work to be carried out.

Universal spring compressors for manual use

As its name suggests, these spiral presses They are hand tools. They are usually made up of two pieces that, when pressed simultaneously, exert pressure on the spirals to compress them and be able to extract them from the shock absorber. During the use of this type of press, a bench press must also be available, to keep the shock absorber firm during the work.

This is the kind of spiral press of greater use among mechanics, since they are ideal for vehicles such as sedans or light trucks. It is a must in every mechanical workshop!

Universal coil spring compressor

Universal coil spring compressor

Hydraulic spiral press

These presses work thanks to hydraulic action. They commonly have a compression pump or bottle which can be activated manually or through a pedal, according to the shock absorber model to be disassembled.

This type of spiral press can compress or press commercial vehicle shock absorbers, unlike manual type presses.

Hydraulic spiral press

Hydraulic spiral press

Pneumatic spiral press

Regarding this kind of spiral press, works with the use of compressed air, which exerts great pressure on the spirals, compressing them quickly and safely.

This press model can be used in most shock absorbers that exist today.

Pneumatic spiral press

Pneumatic spiral press

Advantages of the spiral press

The machines or manual tools to remove shock absorbers They provide a large number of advantages for their users, at the time of greatly facilitating the work. We mention some of the most relevant advantages:

  • It allows to disassemble the shock absorbers easily and safely.
  • Shock absorber and suspension changes can be executed in a short time. This facilitates the execution of a greater number of jobs, especially if you work in a mechanical workshop.
  • The change of commercial vehicle shock absorbers is possible with the use of the appropriate spiral press.
  • Safe and rapid compression of support coils in McPherson suspension systems can be carried out.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic type presses facilitate the disassembly of a wide variety of shock absorbers and coil diameters.

What to take into account when selecting a spiral press?

When selecting a spiral press, at least the factors detailed below must be considered:

  • You must be very clear type of shock absorbers what do you need disassemble. This will allow you to decide which type of press is the most convenient for you.
  • Another factor to consider is how often you will perform the work. It is not the same to work fixing your vehicle only once every three years or when it is necessary, than to work in a workshop mechanic doing shock absorber changes daily.
  • Regardless of the conditions that determine the change of shock absorbers that you will carry out, you must have a spiral press. It is not recommended that you run this task without this tool. Always remember to prioritize safety!

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